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Migrate from Amazon S3 to Wasabi

MoveBot by Couchdrop, provides the simplest, fastest and most cost effective way to migrate your storage in the cloud.

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We only charge you upon completion.

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How to transfer from S3 To Wasabi?

Movebot provides a fast and easy way to transfer data from Amazon S3 to Wasabi. Setup only take a few seconds and is very simple. No technical jargon, no complex configuration.

1. Signup for Movebot here
2. Connect Movebot to s3
3. Connect Movebot to Wasabi
4. Click Start
5. Grab a Coffee

Widely Support from a Centralised point

Launch an Army

Movebot has been built to handle Petabytes of Data. To accelerate your migration between S3 and Wasabi, you can launch your very own dedicated army of Movebots.

Built for Massive Scale

Widely Support from a Centralised point

No Software Required

MoveBot is cloud native, no need to download and install anything or wrangle with IT. Our simple and intuitive interface will have you up and running in no time.

We will email you when your migration is done, so go grab a coffee while you wait, you deserve it.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How long does migration to Wasabi Take?

Normally migrations take less than an hour, however it really depends on how much data you have. Migrations over a TB would normally take a few hours and if its taking too long, reach out to us at support@movebot.io for help.

Will I get charged for failures or retries?

If something goes wrong, or you change your mind, we won't charge you. You are billed only on completion

How will I know when its finished?

Once the migration has completed, we will email you.

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