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Box Content Migrations | Next-Generation Box Migration Tool

Box recently announced its new Box Shuttle service which provides 10TB free when using its self-service tool for primarily lift and shift migrations from common storage providers (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.). This new service comes off the bat of Box’s acquisition of Cloud FastPath earlier this year. Should you have more than 10TB  or a more complex migration (Egnyte, S3, GCP, Azure) then the price is $500/TB.

box shuttle box migration tool

Movebot who is a recognised Box Pro Partner can be seen as a next-generation alternative to the new Box Shuttle service. Movebot is a fully cloud hosted, modern migration tool that was built to offer a self-service experience, however has a full white-glove professional service offering it’s migration experts to make your cloud adoption journey seamless. Due to the modern nature of Movebot’s architecture, it enables the solution to scale both in performance and price. When it comes to data migrations of all sizes (5TB to 500TB+) this can be seen by service providers globally who choose to use Movebot for their customer’s data migrations. 


Movebot’s product is fully cloud hosted, managed and performant. It instills automatic migration optimisation and can scale through additional compute (worker) nodes and does not leverage shared resources. This ensures that migrations can run at their optimal throughput and often the bottleneck becomes on-premises uplinks or cloud platform APIs. Movebot’s product offers the features you would expect from an enterprise grade tool; permissions, metadata, versioning, delta sync, and security. 

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Where Movebot stands out is its reporting and analytical capabilities. Movebot provides real-time visibility to how the migration is going from providing worker resource graphs (CPU, Memory) through to API rate limiting on both source and destination. Part of this real-time reporting enables its users to monitor real-time compute logs as the migration is running. 

movebot box migration reporting and simulation

Part of Movebot’s offering is its free discovery scan, or migration simulation. Through this feature Movebot scans your source platform and provides a detailed breakdown of your data distribution, file sizes, modtime, as well as any flagged issues that may arise, or that Movebot will automatically handle during the migration.  This scan also provides raw data that enables the user to look at files being migrated in detail. 

migrate to box content cloud box shuttle

Movebot’s pricing starts at $390/TB up to 10TB where after this pricing begins to scale further and between 10TB - 50TB pricing comes down to $290/TB and from the 50TB mark pricing scales with further volume. For service providers choosing to use Movebot as their data migration solution, Movebot offers 20-40% margin on all migrations and 24/7 support with engineers at no additional cost. Through this margin, pricing for providers becomes $230/TB between 10TB - 50TB. As Box Shuttle mentioned in their recent webinar, the average migration size is 25TB per a source system, this pricing, with 10TB free, would total $7,500. With Movebot’s self-service pricing this would be $6,550, as your data total increases further Movebot becomes 50% more cost-effective. 


When looking at Movebot’s security, as a byproduct of it not allowing for shared resources, each individual migration task or mapping runs on its own compute node. This means that your compute resources do not exist until you start the migration. On completion of the task at hand the compute resources are destroyed and no data is retained by Movebot. For more information on Movebot’s security, please refer to Movebot's security whitepaper


Movebot’s professional services team who handles managed migrations has over a decade experience with cloud storage and has first-hand experience with migrations of all shapes and sizes on a frequent basis. The scale of migrations ranges from 5TB up to PBs across all cloud platforms. Through its agnostic relationship and support for cloud vendors, migrating in and out, the team has a strong expertise in understanding the cloud platforms and the complexity of migrations and change management. An additional benefit is when working with Movebot you are also working with a company who has their own dedicated migration tool that understands how best to use the tool to meet your project’s requirements. 


If you’re looking for a Box Shuttle alternative or a simple cost-effective solution to migrate your organisation’s data into Box from another cloud storage provider or on-premises file server see how Movebot and its team of experts can help. Or, get started now with a free discovery scan of your source platform