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About Movebot

Movebot is built by Couchdrop – the data moving company.

Moving data between your own storage platforms was hard. Too hard. And it shouldn’t be. So Movebot changed that.

Founded in 2018 in Christchurch, New Zealand, Movebot was developed by parent company Couchdrop, using the same zero infrastructure mentality that revolutionized SFTP and launched it to the clouds. The team realized that the same cutting-edge framework could carve out a better way to do large-scale file transfers and developed Movebot.

The team at Movebot has their head in the clouds, but that’s a good thing. Simple, SaaS, and Superior, Movebot’s taken the three S’s approach to create a better data moving tool. An easier tool. A tool that just works. And work it does, with enterprises and Managed Service Providers around the world choosing a better way to move data.

Movebot and Couchdrop are lead by an experienced executive team and together are changing up the data-moving landscape. Whether moving files from an on-premises server to the cloud, getting files from one cloud platform to another, or migrating several years' worth of data to a new storage platform, Movebot gives your data wings to glide smoothly to its destination.

Diagram showing SFTP transfer to SharePoint
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Built by Couchdrop – the data moving company

Couchdrop is the Cloud SFTP and file automation server. Couchdrop allows the use of SFTP/FTP with modern cloud environments.

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