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About Movebot

Movebot is built by Couchdrop – the data moving company.

Movebot has been built by the Couchdrop team, and started from the realization that some of our customers were having a hard time migrating large volumes of data to the cloud.

Using the proven foundation of Couchdrop, Movebot was designed as the fastest, most powerful data migration tool available, with the capability to move dozens of terabytes per day between data storage platforms including Dropbox, SharePoint, S3, Azure, Google Drive, and dozens more.

Whether moving files from an on-premises server to the cloud, getting files from one cloud platform to another, or migrating several years worth of data to a new storage platform, Movebot will make sure your files arrive quickly and safely at their new destination.

Diagram showing SFTP transfer to SharePoint
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Built by Couchdrop – the data moving company

Couchdrop is the Cloud SFTP and file automation server. Couchdrop allows the use of SFTP/FTP with modern cloud environments.

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