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Box Migration Tool


Box is a leader when it comes to cloud content and governance. It integrates with the Google and Microsoft ecosystems, but also offers in depth reporting and compliance functionality. Transitioning from your current storage platform  can be daunting, then add additional complexity, especially when it comes to migrating hundreds to thousands of users and package that with content, permissions and versions. Migrating to Box doesn’t have to be scary, or over complicated — this is where migrations tools such as Movebot can assist and remove the complexity.

Movebot offers a fully cloud-hosted migration tool that can help you migrate into Box from SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox or you on-premise file server or share. Movebot is simple, easy to use and fast. Compared to its competitors it is the most cost-effective tool on the market and is often more than 50% cheaper.


Box integration in Movebot

Movebot integrates natively with Box and is a recognized Box partner, so you know you are in good hands. Along with this, Movebot can handle error handling to streamline your Box migration and ensure you don't leave anything behind. When it comes to more complex migrations, Movebot supports file versions, permissions, metadata and the ability to exclude certain file types.


As Movebot is fully cloud hosted, it means that you don't need to manage the infrastructure or install any software. Additionally, due to this Movebot can scale to meet your demand. Each transfer (user, drive, site, etc.) is run on its own dedicated compute node (worker) ensuring that not only are migrations secure, but also performant. With this you can add more compute to your larger transfers to increase the performance and throughput. Due to this it doesn't matter if you have 100 users or 30,000, Movebot's infrastructure is scalable and isn't here to muck around.

Free discovery scan

Another option that you have with Movebot is the ability to run a preflight Discovery scan across your source platform which simulates a migration and will show you any errors that may be encountered, a breakdown of the data, and analytics of the content.

Movebot Scan Results - Box Migration

Movebot keeps Box migrations simple

Movebot keeps Box migrations simple, whether it is, hundreds of users or thousands of users, on-premise to the cloud, or cloud to cloud. It's always simple, fast, and cost-effective. Want to see for yourself? Try Movebot free for 14 days by registering for an account

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Move data like a pro with simple yet powerful data migration tool that just works

Move data between storage platforms, cloud tenants, and to and from on-prem files servers and the cloud with ease. Movebot provides lightning-fast speeds and simplifies data moving with an intuitive, feature-rich web dashboard that gives complete visibility for stress-free migrations.

Free pre-migration scan

Fast and scalable transfer

Full visibility of progress

Security & data sovereignty

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