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Box to Egnyte Migrations

Data migrations aren't difficult anymore. Movebot has turned them from something long, challenging, and annoying to a routine task that anyone can do. With no need to configure or manage virtual machines, set up API integrations, or other annoyances, Movebot makes projects like Box to Egnyte migrations easy. 

Box to Egnyte migrations

Box vs Egnyte

Egnyte and Box are both cloud storage platforms focusing on being secure and collaborative for businesses. However, they have a different main focus: security for Box and optimization for Egnyte. 


Box cloud storage

Because of the emphasis on security, Box is one of the most popular options for Enterprises, with the majority of the Fortune 500 companies using them for storage in some form. 

One reason Box is growing in popularity is the robust enterprise-grade security, highlighted in features like Box Shield. Box Shield can automatically classify sensitive data and enable higher security for sensitive files, while also protecting against malware attacks with multi-layered scans. Along with protecting from malware, Box Shield can also use machine learning to send notifications if it thinks there are unusual access patterns or files that don't have appropriate security. 

Since security is at the forefront with Box, there's no problem with storing information that meets strict compliance standards. Box can meet the most challenging compliance requirements, including being suitable for US Government data and HIPAA data. Box has over a dozen compliance certifications across industries like finance, healthcare, and government, along with meeting SOC 1 and 2 standards and more. 

Box has been working on improving collaboration tools as well. Like all major cloud storage platforms for businesses, it's simple to limit access to folders to specific users and groups. Box Hubs takes this a step further by creating virtual file systems for groups such as Marketing and Support, which group users can use to access relevant files without having to make a separate copy. Hubs can have different team members and also different access controls, so it's easy for everyone to have access to the information they need. 

All plans from Box are designed for businesses, with their lowest tier simply called Business. Higher tiers add features like advanced filters, 2FA, Content Hubs, higher single file upload limits, and compliance for HIPAA and other standards. 

For more information, see the Box cloud storage website


Egnyte cloud storage

With a forward-thinking approach to cloud storage, Egnyte calls themselves "The Intelligent Content Platform". Egnyte is on the cutting edge of cloud storage with one of their unique features being a powerful AI classification system. 

Known as the Egnyte Content Intelligence Engine, the feature brings AI-powered productivity to the workspace and can be used for legal and compliance, cybersecurity, and more. One way it can help with productivity and organization is by generating summaries of documents and extracting information like names, dates, and costs, great for when you forget the name of a file or don't want to comb through dozens of documents looking for a specific figure. 

On the security front, the engine can automatically label sensitive documents like Personally Identifiable Information. Set multiple sensitive policies based on the type of data you're storing, and then let the AI system search for patterns and automatically label that kind of information as sensitive going forward--and possibly find documents that should be marked as sensitive that haven't been. 

For collaboration, Egnyte has the usual permissions features like being able to set sharing and access permissions for folders and files. But they also have a PDF annotation and editor tool and an eSignature functionality built-in, making it easy to make changes and get approval for important documents. 

Since Egnyte is designed for businesses, all of their platform plans are focused on different levels of business. To make use of the Egnyte Content Intelligence Engine, the organization will need to be on the Enterprise Lite plan at a minimum, currently at $35/user/month paid annually. Unlocking the full potential of Egnyte like automatic discovery and classification requires the Enterprise plan with pricing on a case-by-case basis. 

Find out more about Egnyte on the Egnyte website. 


Preparing to move data from Box to Egnyte

Since Box and Egnyte have many of the same restrictions with regard to filenames and sizes, there isn't much you need to do beforehand to get your data ready. 

One thing that could be a potential issue if you're on the Box Enterprise Plus plan is the limit for single files. On this plan, you can upload a single file that's up to 150GB. Egnyte, however, can only intake files that are 100GB or smaller. 

Another possible concern is very long filenames. While both platforms allow for a similar max length--255 characters in Box compared to 245 in Egnyte--that 10-character difference can mean the difference between a file being able to transfer as is or needing to restructure or rename it to fit in with the requirement. 

Even for these issues where it's impossible to move the file because it doesn't fit in the platform architecture, Movebot's scanning can pick up the problem so you can make adjustments before attempting the migration. And there's a lot more Movebot will do to make the migration simple too. 


Box to Egnyte migrations with Movebot

Movebot uses a simple 3-step plan for migrations: Plan, Advance, Cutover. All you have to do is PAC and then you're ready to move. 



In general, the more you plan out the migration, the easier it will be. Fortunately with Movebot, you don't have to do nearly as much planning as you'd have to with other tools. 

Something you can decide in Movebot is if there's data that you don't need to move. Movebot works a little different than other data migration tools. Instead of having to move all the data from Box to Egnyte, you can actually limit the data you want to move. 

When setting up your project, you have options to include or exclude data based on filters. This means you can leave behind files with extensions from unsupported applications, files that haven't been opened in over 10 years, or other data you're sure you don't need in an active cloud platform. And, if you still need that data somewhere, you can even move it to a separate cloud like an archival storage platform with low rates. Since Egnyte accounts can come with storage limits, this can help you save costs while also keeping the Box account clean. 

Along with using filter rules to set a criteria, you can also simply choose folders and subfolders to move as part of the project setup. With this method, you can easily migrate users or move their files to a different location in Egnyte, or leave behind folders that you don't need. You can also break down large migrations into as many small transfers as you want, then run them concurrently to move the most important data first. 



Connect your platforms, set up your project, and then start the migration. Connecting Box and Egnyte to Movebot is simple. 

For Box, all you need to do is create a new connection and then choose Box. Box uses OAuth to authorize, and we recommend connecting as an Admin or Co-Admin to make sure you have the right permissions to see and move files. 

Egnyte is similar. Create a new connection and then choose Egnyte. You'll need your Egnyte subdomain (subdomain.egnyte.com) and then connect via OAuth. Again, it's best to connect as an Admin so that the account has privileges to see and move all the files. 

With your platforms connected, you can start the migration. While the migration is running, you'll have access to the Performance Tracker, which gives you live stats about your ongoing project. When everything is moved, Movebot will generate a post-migration report that lets you know how much data moved and if there were any files or folders that failed to transfer. 

From there, all that's left is Cutover and you're good to go. 



The final step of the migration is Cutover. With the bulk of the data moved over, you can use Movebot to pull across any new files or files that failed to move. These transfers make use of Movebot's delta migration capabilities. 

In Movebot, a delta migration is a smaller transfer that analyzes the Box and Egnyte accounts and only moves files that are in Box and aren't in Egnyte, including files that have been updated more recently in Box. With delta migrations, no files get left behind. 

Because Movebot copies files instead of moves them, users can continue working in the source, even while the migration is running. Then, delta migrations will catch any files they updated and move only those files. You can run unlimited delta migrations in your project until you're ready for final cutover and no one will be actively working in the Box account. 


Try Movebot for your Box to Egnyte migration

If you're looking to migrate from Box to Egnyte, you should try Movebot and see for yourself how easy the migration can be. It only takes minutes to get started, with no infrastructure to set up, no virtual machines to manage, none of that. Everything is handled in the simple web interface instead. 

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Movebot's support team was legendary in their quick responses and willingness to jump on a video conference to talk through how to resolve the problems. They have deep knowledge of their product and of the file storage platforms their solution is built for. We can approach future migrations with a lot less trepidation – given the accuracy and speed of Movebot, but especially because of their support team.

“Efficient, Reliable, and Exceptionally Supported”

Movebot has been an indispensable tool for our MSP looking for an efficient and reliable data migration solution. Our experience with it across various platforms, including SharePoint, Egnyte, on-prem file servers migrating to SharePoint, and O365 tenant to tenant migrations has been exceptionally positive. Their support team is responsive, offering assistance via and Discord, which was great in a pinch.

Elliot, Channel Program Review

“A Game Changer In Data Migration”

Movebot.io emerges as a frontrunner in data migration tools. Its rapid data transfers, user-intuitive interface, and compatibility across cloud platforms mark it as a standout. Added security measures bolster data protection. In the realm of data migration, Movebot.io truly transforms the landscape, offering a streamlined and elevated experience.

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We needed a tool for moving large data sets with detailed enough logging to give us confidence in the successful move of millions of files and folders. Previous tools we used choked on large data sets (>1TB or > 1 Million files) or the logging was too simplistic for us know find errors or have confidence in deleting the source data set at the end of the migration. Movebot solved this for us.

“When you put dedication, attention to detail and quality support, you get this.”

I tried several competitors, and there was always something: lack of human contact, price, quality, speed, etc. I started looking around and ended up meeting with the VP of Sales for Movebot, he jumped on a call, and we went over the product, capability, and next steps and WOW. I have been using Movebot for a while now, and to be honest, there is no one out there doing the job the way they do.

“Amazing tool for migrations!”

Fantastic experience... We were able to do a file migration for a high-priority / high-touch client and move them to Azure AD from their on-prem environment in approximately 48 hours. The scanning and the data move itself really felt seamless. Thank you so much for the tool and to your incredible team!