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Cloud data migrations without the headache - keep it simple!



Traditionally when migrating data, users or organizations between storage platforms the process is long, complex, and inundated with steps. This process slows down the actual migration, creates barriers, and overall just makes it hard. The way we operate at Movebot is simplicity, ease, and affordability. With all of this in mind, cloud data migrations are zero risk and can be done at any time without impacting business operations. 


The traditional cloud data migration process

This process can take weeks, months and even a year when it comes to the actual transferring the data. It starts with Analytics and Discovery, the need to map ownership and communication to prepare teams to deal with change. 

Then the process transitions to a trial or pilot migration, followed by the migration itself. Finally, a delta sync is then configured up until cutover to ensure the data is up to date. On completion of this it moves into business as usual (BAU) where the data migrated is checked and user training and onboarding persists. 

The traditional need to work through all of the above is simply wasted time and only delays your migration and creates work for the sake of it. Especially in the busy world we live in, who has time to spend months on a task that should just be simple?


The updated cloud data migration process with Movebot

As migrating data with Movebot does not impact your source/current storage provider you can move data, users or drives anytime without degrading business operations. Movebot enables you to migrate in such an easy, simple no disruptive manner, that you can be away running without the stress of overplanning. 


5 ways to make your cloud data migration a success

Here are 5 ways to help make your cloud data migration process a success with Movebot:

  1. Communicate with your teams that there will be change and what to expect. Contact the Movebot team if you require assistance around communicating with team members and how to prepare for change.

  2. Migrate all of your data, users, shared drives, and permissions across. This can be done in stages or all at once. 

  3. Enable Delta Sync (this will keep the data to the new platform up to date). Do as many delta migrations as needed to pull over all of your files. 

  4. Move users across to the new platform while educating and supporting users where required. 

  5. Transition into BAU, download a governance audit from Movebot as a reference of what has been transferred across for future reference.


More than cloud data migrations

Movebot offers lightning-fast, simple, cost-effective cloud data migrations, but it can do much more. Explorer, for instance, is a feature included in any Movebot subscription. Explorer can help you see how much data you actually have in cloud storage, see long-term data trends, and more. Find out more in 7 ways to Explore your data with Movebot Explorer

Movebot makes data moving fast and easy, and scales to meet your needs. Whether you need to move 1TB or 1000TB, Movebot can make it happen. Give it a try today by registering for a free 14-day trial, with no credit card required. 

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