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Cloud Storage — Saving money with quick wins during tough times


COVID-19 sent shockwaves through the world and changes how a lot of organizations operate. Those who moved file servers to the cloud before the pandemic and who were already using digital collaboration tools had a significant advantage over those who didn't. But even with the pandemic gone, many are facing tough economic times. We have some quick wins for organizations to save money on Cloud Storage. Often the benefits of doing these quick wins are almost instantaneous and seen in the following month's financials.

How much does cloud storage cost? 

Presently a lot of data is being stored in the likes of Amazon S3, Azure Blob, and Google Cloud which is expensive, looking at around 0.023 cents a GB, compared to some other options, 0.0059 cents with Wasabi Cloud Storage or 0.005 cents through Backblaze B2. When you have terabytes or petabytes worth of data, that difference in cost can add up quickly. 

For example, a company with 100TB of data would be looking at $1,848.32 (51,200GB at 0.0184 per GB + 51,200GB at 0.0177 per GB) a month through Microsoft Azure. Whereas a company using Backblaze B2 would be looking at $512.00 a month.


Take advantage of better rates by migrating your data

With such huge savings, you might be wondering if it's possible to move your data to a new cloud if you're already established in an ecosystem. It's possible using a data migration tool like Movebot, and the cost of moving your data can quickly be saved by taking advantage of better rates in the new platform. 


Saving money with Movebot

If you wish to easily migrate your data and start saving, Movebot can help you migrate your data. Movebot uses simple and transparent per TB pricing, with lower data rates on a Movebot subscription

Movebot can handle migrating your data to Wasabi and Backblaze as well. It's simple and easy to integrate your sources and start moving. See the links below to get started.


Use Movebot to save money during tough times

Movebot is your cloud migration solution that offers cloud-to-cloud and on-premise to cloud migration without managing virtual machines, jumping through hoops or requiring your to download your data to then re-upload it. In fact, Movebot never stores your data. 

Data moving is quick, easy, and affordable. Simply select the source and then the destination and click start. You can try it for yourself without having to get on a sales call or put in your credit card information. Simply register for an account and you'll have 14 days to try Movebot and see if it works for you. 

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Move data like a pro with simple yet powerful data migration tool that just works

Move data between storage platforms, cloud tenants, and to and from on-prem files servers and the cloud with ease. Movebot provides lightning-fast speeds and simplifies data moving with an intuitive, feature-rich web dashboard that gives complete visibility for stress-free migrations.

Free pre-migration scan

Fast and scalable transfer

Full visibility of progress

Security & data sovereignty

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