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Cloudian S3 Migrations with Movebot

Cloudian is challenging the object storage market and enabling companies and service providers to host their own S3-compatible scalable object and file storage at 0.5 cents per GB. Due to the affordability and scalability companies are adopting object storage more than ever. Not to mention compared to the big three, hosting cost-effective and offers reduced latency for critical applications and data access. 

cloudian migrations

Movebot works closely with data center partners globally to increase the rate of storage adoption for their customers, as well decrease time and save financially when it comes to data migrations at scale. Movebot's cloud data migration tool provides you the ability to migrate petabytes of data into Cloudian without any impact on daily business operations. 


Movebot has been built to migrate data across S3 compliant platforms and has been seen as an option for cloud storage providers such as Wasabi. Movebot's architecture is flexible, adaptable and scalable enabling the migration tool to have its control/management layer hosted globally, but its worker nodes (the compute that moves the data) to be self hosted anywhere. With this benefit, the cost and time to migrate data is heavily reduced while ensuring the hosting provider has full control and visibility of resources and the data. 


Another major benefit to hosting the workers within a data centers infrastructure is the added security. If migrating within the data center's network, the data itself will not leave thus ensuring data sovereignty laws and governance are met to the highest degree. Additionally, if migrating into the data center, data is pulled straight from the source platform (whether this is cloud or on-site infrastructure) into the storage without any additional third parties being involved. 


When considering options to migrate your customers and data to Cloudian S3 compliant infrastructure, it would be worth reaching out to the Movebot team and understand how they can help you and your customers with their cloud storage enablement journey. 


S3 Compliant Migration Guide


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