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Data Center Storage Migrations with Movebot


The S3 storage adoption is growing globally and more predominantly in data centers that previously were operating in a different space. The scalability, affordable nature, and ease of S3 storage is creating a better world for unstructured data. With the likes of Cloudian's Hyperstore, Dell EMC, IBM Object Store and NetApp's StorageGRID, the software layer options are becoming endless. 


Data Center S3 Storage Migrations with Movebot

Movebot works closely with data center partners to increase the rate of storage adoption for their customers, decrease time and save financially when it comes to data migrations at scale. Whether it is a case of onboarding a new client or migrating from your legacy object storage into your new storage, Movebot empowers you to migrate petabytes of data without any negative impacts on your business operations. 


Moving data cross S3-compliant platforms

Movebot was originally built to move data across S3-compliant platforms and has been seen as an option for cloud storage providers such as Wasabi. Movebot has been built for the cloud and its architecture is flexible, adaptable, and scalable enabling the platform to have its controller layer hosted globally.

But its worker nodes (the compute that moves the data) are hosted within a data center infrastructure. With this benefit, the cost and time to migrate data is heavily reduced while ensuring the data center provider has full control and visibility of resources and the data itself. 



Another major benefit to hosting the workers within a data centers infrastructure is the added security. If migrating within the data center's network, the data itself will not leave thus ensuring data sovereignty laws and governance are met to the highest degree. Additionally, if migrating into the data center, data is pulled straight from the source platform (whether this is cloud or on-site infrastructure) into the data center and then into the storage. 


Choose Movebot for your data migration

When considering options to migrate your customers and data within S3-compliant infrastructure Movebot can help. Movebot is easy-to-use, affordable, and just works. You have no infrastructure to manage, and no fiddling with permissions. Try Movebot for free for 14 days and have a look to see if it's right for you. 

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Move data between storage platforms, cloud tenants, and to and from on-prem files servers and the cloud with ease. Movebot provides lightning-fast speeds and simplifies data moving with an intuitive, feature-rich web dashboard that gives complete visibility for stress-free migrations.

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