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Egnyte to Box Migrations

Egnyte and Box are both cloud storage providers offering powerful collaboration and security controls for businesses and enterprises. With Movebot, it's no problem to move data between the two platforms. Movebot makes Egnyte to Box Migrations simple, straightforward, and incredibly fast, while taking care of technical concerns and platform differences automatically.  

Egnyte to Box Migrations

Egnyte and Box Comparison

Both Box and Egnyte are cloud storage platforms focused on secure collaboration for businesses and enterprises, but they approach this focus in different ways. Egnyte is leaning into AI and other smart processes while Box aims to be the most secure cloud storage platform. 


Egnyte cloud storage

Fully embracing modern advances like artificial intelligence, Egnyte aims to be more than a simple storage platform. One way they do this is through the Egnyte Content Intelligence Engine, an AI-powered feature designed to help users find, organize, and modify content in the cloud. 

Improvements in AI have made it a valuable tool for helping to analyze and find information, and Egnyte has taken full advantage of this. The content engine can find and extract important information from documents, as well as generate quick summaries of long-form content to give a quick overview of what a file contains. The chat-based interface is simple to operate, using conversational language so users can ask for what they need and let the AI do the rest. This can be anything from finding information to initiating processes like starting an approval process for a certain kind of document, saving time from having to do it manually and ensuring the process is followed properly each time. 

On the security front, Engyte goes a step above most cloud storage platforms. Ransomware protection is included in all business plans, with multiple tiers of protection. This includes a risk summary that shows content that could be at risk and options for how to lock it down, as well as monitoring the account for suspicious behavior and ransomware signatures. 

Because of the enhanced security features, Engnyte meets several compliance standards such as HIPAA and GDPR. They have specialists for industries that move sensitive information such as Financial and Life Science data so organizations can chat with an industry expert about how their information will be protected before signing up. From there, plans can be customized to make sure industry data is kept safe and secure and meets required standards. 

Price-wise, Egnyte Business plans start at $20/user/month for 5TB. Anyone wanting to take advantage of the Egnyte Content Intelligence Engine will want to be on the Enterprise Lite plan, with the full potential unlocked on the Enterprise Plan which also has a customized storage allocation based on the needs of the organization. 

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Box cloud storage

Box shares many features with Egnyte, which means Egnyte to Box migrations and vice versa are fairly straightforward. Instead of focusing on AI features though, Box goes all in on security for enterprises instead. 

Claiming to be the "secure cloud storage for documents, photos, and files", Box is all about protecting information and safeguarding it from threats and improper access. This emphasis has led to over 2/3 of Fortune 500 companies using Box for tighter content security and improving workflows. 

Security and compliance features are at the forefront for Box, with a number of features to keep data protected and reduce risks. Using a zero-trust security model, Box makes sure that all users are verified before they can access files or change settings, minimizing the potential for bad actors to gain access. This protects admin accounts and the organization in case one of these high-level accounts gets compromised. 

And if something like this does happen, Box has several ways to protect sensitive data and mitigate risk. Box includes malware scanning and detection functions to stop malicious attacks before they have the chance to spread. Ransomware protection helps stop threats and helps organizations recover their data. 

These security features make Box suitable for storing data for industries like education, healthcare, finance, legal, nonprofits, and more. Box meets strict compliance standards such as HIPAA, GxP, ISMAP, and more. Classification-based security controls help ensure data can quickly enable elevated security protocols for appropriate data, and the AI-powered system can alert users about suspicious activities and help make sure data is classified appropriately. 

All business plans on Box include unlimited storage, technical support, and access to collaboration tools like Box Canvas, and start at $24/user/month. Higher tier plans allow for larger single file uploads, with Enterprise Plans gaining access to Box Shield and Box Governance for top-level security and compliance features. 

Learn more about Box.


Egnyte to Box migrations with Movebot

Egnyte and Box have a lot of similar restrictions and limitations, so moving between the two isn't a challenge, especially when using Movebot. All you have to do is connect your platforms, choose what data to move, then start your migration and let Movebot handle the rest.

For the most part, Egnyte has tighter restrictions, with lower character limits for filenames and a smaller maximum file size. And the two platforms have similar character restrictions too. This means when moving from Egnyte to Box, there isn't much you need to do to prepare data, and for the most part files should move successfully without significant modifications. 


Connecting Egnyte and Box to Movebot

Connecting Egnyte and Box to Movebot is simple and only takes a few steps. For Egnyte, log in to Movebot and create a new connection, then pick Egnyte as your storage. You'll need your Egnyte subdomain (subdomain.egnyte.com) and we recommend connecting as an Admin account to make sure you have access to all the folders you want to move. Put in your details and you'll be prompted to connect via OAuth. 

Box follows a similar process. Log in and create a new connection, then choose Box. If possible, connect as an Admin or Co-Admin to have the right access level, and connect with the OAuth prompt. 

When you have both platforms connected, you can set up your migration project.


Setting up your project

One thing you'll notice when setting up your project is that Movebot allows you to exclude or ignore files from your migration, meaning that you don't have to move files you don't need. Use filters to find files with extensions for applications you don't need, old files, and more to leave out files from the migration that you'll never need to open. You can even do a separate transfer later into another platform for archival, since Movebot supports moving files from Egnyte to over 30 other platforms. 

Movebot also has a lot of other settings that let you transform data as part of the migration project. Choose to replace characters or automatically deduplicate filenames as part of the migration. You can also choose to preserve modtimes and convert file types automatically, though this isn't likely to be an issue for an Egnyte to Box migration. 

When you've gone through the settings and chosen the options most relevant to your specific project, you can start the migration. 


Running the migration

With Movebot, you don't have to orchestrate coordinating schedules and planning the migration around a long weekend or other significant downtime. Instead of moving the files, Movebot makes a copy of them, meaning that users can continue working in the source without an issue. You can also break down large migrations into as many smaller projects as you want, meaning you can move specific folders at a time and move your most important data first if you want. 

Whenever you're actively moving data between platforms, the Performance Tracker becomes available which lets you see live stats about your ongoing transfers. See how many files have moved, the amount of data moved, and much more. You'll also get an overview of the project once it's finished in a post-migration report, which lets you see how much data moved and if there were any failures. 

From there, you can use Movebot's delta migration functionality to move over anything else. Delta migrations in Movebot scan the Egnyte and Box accounts for files that don't exist or are newer in the Egnyte account and only moves those into Box. You can run as many delta migrations as you need until final cutover, meaning there's no downtime required and users can keep working until changeover without interruption. 


Try Movebot for Egnyte to Box Migrations

Movebot makes Egnye to Box migrations simple by handling all the difficult bits for you. With zero infrastructure setup and management, getting started is as easy as connecting your accounts, choosing the files to move, and hitting go. Everything is managed in the intuitive web interface, so there's no need to learn a complex new system and try to figure out how to get everything up and running. 

Give Movebot a try yourself and find out just how easy it is. Every new account that registers gets 250GB of data free to move how they wish, so you can connect your platforms and run some test migrations. And you don't have to go through a sales call, put in your credit card, none of that. Simply sign up and go. Register now to get started

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Forget complex pricing based on users and licenses. Simply pay for the amount of data you move and nothing else.

“Simple to use – outstanding support.”

Movebot's support team was legendary in their quick responses and willingness to jump on a video conference to talk through how to resolve the problems. They have deep knowledge of their product and of the file storage platforms their solution is built for. We can approach future migrations with a lot less trepidation – given the accuracy and speed of Movebot, but especially because of their support team.

“Efficient, Reliable, and Exceptionally Supported”

Movebot has been an indispensable tool for our MSP looking for an efficient and reliable data migration solution. Our experience with it across various platforms, including SharePoint, Egnyte, on-prem file servers migrating to SharePoint, and O365 tenant to tenant migrations has been exceptionally positive. Their support team is responsive, offering assistance via and Discord, which was great in a pinch.

Elliot, Channel Program Review

“A Game Changer In Data Migration”

Movebot.io emerges as a frontrunner in data migration tools. Its rapid data transfers, user-intuitive interface, and compatibility across cloud platforms mark it as a standout. Added security measures bolster data protection. In the realm of data migration, Movebot.io truly transforms the landscape, offering a streamlined and elevated experience.

“Great team, great product!”

We needed a tool for moving large data sets with detailed enough logging to give us confidence in the successful move of millions of files and folders. Previous tools we used choked on large data sets (>1TB or > 1 Million files) or the logging was too simplistic for us know find errors or have confidence in deleting the source data set at the end of the migration. Movebot solved this for us.

“When you put dedication, attention to detail and quality support, you get this.”

I tried several competitors, and there was always something: lack of human contact, price, quality, speed, etc. I started looking around and ended up meeting with the VP of Sales for Movebot, he jumped on a call, and we went over the product, capability, and next steps and WOW. I have been using Movebot for a while now, and to be honest, there is no one out there doing the job the way they do.

“Amazing tool for migrations!”

Fantastic experience... We were able to do a file migration for a high-priority / high-touch client and move them to Azure AD from their on-prem environment in approximately 48 hours. The scanning and the data move itself really felt seamless. Thank you so much for the tool and to your incredible team!