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Fast Data Migrations with Movebot



If you need a fast data migration tool then you need to consider not only the time it takes to transfer data, but the cost of standing up the infrastructure and your engineering time to get the migration going, as well as dealing with any errors, failures or bumps in the road.  Movebot is a fully hosted tool that is simple and fast to setup and can migrate 10TBs or millions of files into the likes of Google Drive within a day.

When looking at migration tools and the speed they can migrate data you need to take into consideration the following:

  • How long will it take to stand up the infrastructure?

  • How much engineering time will the product take from start to finish?

  • How fast will the solution transfer data (not just in GBs but also files and folders)?

  • How much time will the product take to resolve errors or deal with any barriers or blockers and how resilient is the solution to these challenges?

Throughout this piece, we will discuss how Movebot overcomes these questions and proves itself to be the fastest migration tool available to keep you or your customers data moving to where it should go, regardless of the timeline. 


How long will it take to stand up infrastructure with Movebot?

Not long at all, in fact unless you are migrating from an on-premises file server or NAS, there is literally no infrastructure you need to stand up or establish. Movebot is a fully hosted and managed software as a service solution that handles everything for you.

If you are migrating from an on-premises file server or NAS then you don't really need to establish infrastructure either, you just need to run Movebot's file server agent which is an executable file on your server and that will take no more than a couple of minutes. 

How much engineering time will Movebot take from start to finish? 

This really depends on the size of your migration, but with Movebot compared to other solutions, you save 80% of your time. This is because Movebot is fully hosted, managed and simply just works.

Movebot's engineering team and its product are constantly monitoring migrations and optimizing to ensure they perform optimally. Movebot also handles errors and provides full visibility of what is going on, right down to providing the ability to tail its server logs. 

This depends on how your data is structured and distributed. Whether its lots of small files compared to large files, or lots of files in a single folder or files split within deeply nested files. However, Movebot can easily push 6-10TB into the likes of Google Drive within a day and can scale to easily push more. The reason Movebot is so scalable is because every transfer or migration as part of your project (think user to user, folder to folder, shared drive to shared drive) runs on its own dedicated server (compute node). Each of these transfers can also have additional servers added to increase the performance of the transfer. Another benefit for this is security as there are no shared resources and on completion the servers are destroyed. 


How does Movebot handle errors and how resilient is the tool? 

Movebot by default will attempt to retry migrating a file 20 times before moving on. These settings can be increased or decreased. Depending on the issue Movebot will also automatically correct the fault, for example unsupported character types in a file name, removing you needing to work through each file individually.

Should a bunch of files fail due to rate limiting, it's as easy as ticking a box and asking for Movebot to "rerun failures" which means it will only attempt to retransfer those specific files (not the entire migration again). Finally, Movebot provides a full breakdown of error'd files, the reason why, what you can do and downloadable reports and logs to see what went wrong and where. You can also attempt to download the failed files as either a zip file or individually so you can upload them yourself manually should this be required. 

If you're looking to migrate your data into the cloud, or if you are planning your migration head to Movebot and see how both the team and the tool can help you. For a detailed guide on migrating data to the cloud navigate to Movebot's knowledge base.

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