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Google Cloud to Wasabi Cloud Storage Migrations


If you are looking to migrate hundreds, if not thousands of terabytes of data from Google Cloud Storage to Wasabi Hot Cloud Object Storage this can be daunting. But where do you start? Migrating hundreds of terabytes from Google Cloud to Wasabi is possible thanks to Movebot. 

Why move from Google Cloud to Wasabi?

The presumption is that you are migrating to save your precious monthly pennies and remove those excess GCP fees. Google by far is the most expensive solution when it comes to object storage, and Wasabi on the other hand is the cheapest. Using Wasabi's online comparison tool, for 500TB with 20% accessed each month, you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. 


More than simple file moving

If you are wanting high performance and all the bells and whistles, this is when cloud data migration tools such as Movebot come into play. Fully cloud-native and easy enough that you can set up and walk away, Movebot makes data moving easy. With tools like a pre-flight scan, comprehensive reporting, and an in-depth data explorer, Movebot makes sure your data ends up where it needs to be. 

Movebot provides full logging, governance and reporting on your data so you know what makes it across, and what doesn't and why. As well you can see a breakdown of the data and its structure. We always recommend starting with a pre-flight scan. It's free and lets you know if there is anything you need to do on your end before moving files to ensure they are moved over successfully. 

Movebot Scan Results - Graphs


Using Movebot to move from Google Cloud Storage to Wasabi

Migrating from Google Cloud Storage to Wasabi is straightforward and can be up and going in less than a minute. Below we will do a quick guide on how to migrate to Wasabi using Movebot.

Step 1 - Create a Movebot Account

Movebot doesn't charge per user, only for the data that is actually moved. Start by making an account, then once you have created a Movebot account and you are at the dashboard, click on Create Project in the top right corner. 

Movebot Projects List

Step 2 - Connect your Google Cloud Storage Account

You'll be taken to configure your source platform, in this case it is Google Cloud. You'll need your service account JSON file, and specify your specific GCP bucket. CGoogle Cloud Setup

Step 3 - Connect Wasabi as your destination

Now select Wasabi from the dropdown. For this connection, you'll need to specify your bucket location, bucket name, and your Wasabi Access keys. 

Movebot Wasabi

Step 4 - Choose Content Options

Movebot has many helpful features so that your data will be usable in your new platform. Some of these include filename and duplicate file sanitizations. Recommended options are chosen by default, but you can change these to meet your specific requirements. 

Movebot Sanitization and Content Options

Step 5 - Specify additional settings

You now have the additional settings where you can enable the migration as a delta and choose the region you want the migration to take place.

Movebot Advanced Options-1

Step 6 - Start your transfer

Once you finish the configuration, you'll be taken back to the Project screen. From there, you can run a pre-flight scan or you can start the migration right away (not recommended).

The migration will work through the calculating stage (finding out how much data you have), the transferring stage, and the post-migration stage which will finalize your data and check all is well. 

Movebot Performance Graphs

Why choose Movebot for migrating to Wasabi from Google Cloud?

If migrating to Wasabi, Movebot has been identified by the Wasabi team as a tool of preference. For a more detailed migration guide and other guides and information on Movebot features head to community.movebot.io

Movebot's pricing object storage migrations is pricing is heavily reduced and has the ability to remove egress costs when migrating from Google Cloud. It's fast, easy, and affordable. Ready to see if Movebot is right for you? You can try Movebot free for 14 days without a credit card and no sales card required. 


Straightforward pricing with no hidden fees

Forget complex pricing based on users and licenses. Simply pay for the amount of data you move and nothing else.

“Simple to use – outstanding support.”

Movebot's support team was legendary in their quick responses and willingness to jump on a video conference to talk through how to resolve the problems. They have deep knowledge of their product and of the file storage platforms their solution is built for. We can approach future migrations with a lot less trepidation – given the accuracy and speed of Movebot, but especially because of their support team.

“Efficient, Reliable, and Exceptionally Supported”

Movebot has been an indispensable tool for our MSP looking for an efficient and reliable data migration solution. Our experience with it across various platforms, including SharePoint, Egnyte, on-prem file servers migrating to SharePoint, and O365 tenant to tenant migrations has been exceptionally positive. Their support team is responsive, offering assistance via and Discord, which was great in a pinch.

Elliot, Channel Program Review

“A Game Changer In Data Migration”

Movebot.io emerges as a frontrunner in data migration tools. Its rapid data transfers, user-intuitive interface, and compatibility across cloud platforms mark it as a standout. Added security measures bolster data protection. In the realm of data migration, Movebot.io truly transforms the landscape, offering a streamlined and elevated experience.

“Great team, great product!”

We needed a tool for moving large data sets with detailed enough logging to give us confidence in the successful move of millions of files and folders. Previous tools we used choked on large data sets (>1TB or > 1 Million files) or the logging was too simplistic for us know find errors or have confidence in deleting the source data set at the end of the migration. Movebot solved this for us.

“When you put dedication, attention to detail and quality support, you get this.”

I tried several competitors, and there was always something: lack of human contact, price, quality, speed, etc. I started looking around and ended up meeting with the VP of Sales for Movebot, he jumped on a call, and we went over the product, capability, and next steps and WOW. I have been using Movebot for a while now, and to be honest, there is no one out there doing the job the way they do.

“Amazing tool for migrations!”

Fantastic experience... We were able to do a file migration for a high-priority / high-touch client and move them to Azure AD from their on-prem environment in approximately 48 hours. The scanning and the data move itself really felt seamless. Thank you so much for the tool and to your incredible team!