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Google Drive to Dropbox for Business Migrations


Dropbox and Google are both two of the most common cloud storage providers out there. Dropbox had it first, and Google has managed to build a solid reputation for Google Drive in small businesses and education. With the Dropbox for Business option, many businesses are choosing to move to Dropbox. So what's the best way to handle migrating from Google Drive to Dropbox for Business?

Differences between Google Drive and Dropbox for Business

Dropbox and Google have some similar characteristics when it comes to files and their storage, both have individual user drives, team (or shared) drives and a shared file system ("shared with me in Google Drive). But they have some differences too. 

When it comes to cloud storage, Dropbox is a lot more feature rich and actually offers a sync agent. Google previously offered File Stream as an agent but has now turned its agent into a backup product.

Whenever you migrate away from Google Drive, there are some things to keep in mind. For instance, Google allows for any character in a filename, as well as duplicate folders and filenames. Dropbox does not. So how can you reconcile these differences?

Fortunately, some data moving tools were built with this in mind. Like Movebot, the next-generation data moving tool. Migrating from Google Drive to Dropbox for Business is simple, fast, and cost-effective with Movebot.


Migrating from Google Drive to Dropbox for Business

Moving from Google Drive to Dropbox for Business doesn't have to be a challenge. Movebot makes it simple. Follow this quick guide and you'll be done in no time!


Step 1: Create a Movebot account

Navigate to https://admin.movebot.io/register and create an account, it'll only take a minute. Once your account is created you will be taken into your Movebot dashboard.

Google Drive to Dropbox for Business Migrations - Movebot Sign up form


Step 2: Go to Movebot's Transfer Manager

When you create an account, you're taken to the Transfer Manager by default. But you can get back to it at any point by clicking the tab at the top of the screen when logged in.

Google Drive to Dropbox for Business Migrations - Movebot Transfer Manager



Step 3: Create a new project

A project encompasses multiple migrations or transfers. For example, if you were migrating your company in waves or stages then you could create a separate project for each wave, or if you manage multiple clients, each client could have their own project. The project wizard you are about to go through will create a base template for all of your individual migrations to use, these settings can also be amended at the individual migration level.

Click Create Project and provide the project with a meaningful name.

Google Drive to Dropbox-1



Step 4: Add Google Drive as the source platform

From the dropdown select Google Drive (Personal). Movebot also supports Google Workspace migrations for organization to organization moves.  Movebot has Google Integration Built-in, so connecting to Google is as simple as selecting Google Drive and then opening a quick OAuth window and authorizing Movebot. 


Google Drive to Dropbox for Business Migrations - Google Drive (Personal) connection


Step 5: Add Dropbox Business as the destination platform

From the dropdown select Dropbox Business. Dropbox for Business is easy, all you need to do is enter your Dropbox Administrator email address and then login via OAuth into your Dropbox Administrator account

Google Drive to Dropbox Business - Dropbox Business Setup



Step 6: Decide if you want to migrate Permissions

Now you can add and map users, drives and folders from the source and destination. If your users and drives have the same username or drive name you can use the automap method, otherwise you can upload a CSV file to bulk map users, or add each mapping one by one. We will use our auto-discover function for this guide.

Once you've added users via your chosen method you'll be taken through to the next step.

Google Drive to Dropbox Business - Permissions


Step 7: Content Options

When migrating from Google Drive we recommend leaving all the options enabled, as Google allows duplicate files and folders and also supports their own proprietary format. Movebot will automatically fix these errors as they are migrated across.

Google Options in Movebot

Step 8: Settings and Advanced Options

Movebot is fully customizable right down to the region the migration is run from and how many worker nodes you wish to run on each individual migration. When migrating from Google to Dropbox we would recommend no more than 3 nodes per migration, as there are limitations on the provider's end that could impact your migration negatively if adding too many nodes. 

Google Drive to Dropbox for Business Migrations - Movebot General Settings


Step 9: Go!

You'll now be taken back to your project dashboard. You can now start all or some migrations, run preflight discovery scans, edit each individual migration or dig deeper and look into the logs and analytics. We recommend running a scan first to catch any potential incompatibilities between your Google Drive and Dropbox Business account. It's free, so there's no reason to pass it up! 

Google Drive to Dropbox Business - Migration Ready



Google Drive to Dropbox for Business made easy

Take the complexity out of your Google Drive to Dropbox for Business migration with Movebot. Movebot is easy to use, easy to set up, and easy to fit to your needs. It scales automatically to maximize your data transfer speed, converts file types automatically, and much more, all without you having to worry about infrastructure or virtual machine management. 

Want to try out Movebot for yourself? That's easy too. You can sign up for a free trial that lasts for 14 days without having to enter your credit card or talk to a sales team. Simply sign up and go. Register for your free trial today and see how easy moving files from Google Drive to Dropbox for Business can be. 

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