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How good is Wasabi cloud storage?

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Amazon Web Services S3 (AWS) has dominated the market in the cloud storage space since it became prominent. Since the adoption of cloud storage offerings from more traditional companies have raced to compete with AWS S3. There is only one true competitor who isn’t afraid to rival the likes of AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage and Google Cloud Storage when it comes to pricing — Wasabi Cloud Storage.

Pricing, Wasabi prides itself on being 1/5th cheaper than Amazon S3 by offering no egress charges and no API request charges, overall they claim that you can cut your cloud storage costs by 80%. From the below table, you


Wasabi pricing compared to other providers



Data Durability, Wasabi, Amazon, Google all share 11 9’s of data durability, whereas, Microsoft Azure offers up to 16 9’s of data durability if you pay for a higher tier of redundant storage such as GRS/RA-GRS.

What exactly is data durability?

“Data durability refers to long-term data protection, i.e. the stored data does not suffer from bit rot, degradation or other corruption” — Western Digital Blog


“The ability to keep the stored data consistent, intact without the influence of bit rot, drive failures, or any form of corruption. 99.999999999% (11 nines) durability means that if you store 10 million objects, then you expect to lose an object of your data every 10,000 years.” — Synology Blog



Performance, Compared to AWS S3, Wasabi has better performance according to its performance benchmark report. Wasabi used the Cloud Object Storage Benchmark (COSBench) Testing Tool for the running of its performance benchmark report.


Going from the report, the only time that AWS won against Wasabi was during the 10KB Read Performance test where 30 threads were used. Otherwise, Wasabi far outshines AWS in other areas of read and write.


One thing that Wasabi does well, is it simplifies the entire cloud offering landscape. One price and no hidden fees. Although this may not work for all as some may prefer using one vendor for all, or Wasabi may not work for you due to its limited global reach. However, from a “standard” cloud storage point of view, Wasabi is the best bang for your money which allows you to invest financially into other areas of your infrastructure, people and processes.


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