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How to move your Team from G-Suite to Dropbox for Business


Moving your individual storage from one provider to another is one challenge, but how about moving your entire team, or better yet — your organization? Often you have to outsource this work or find hacky solutions to help make the move bearable. Or, download all the files and then re-upload (sync) the files to your new provider. This last option is great if you have lots of time and enough space to handle the data.

Are there easier ways? Sure there are, especially with Movebot. Movebot can move your entire organization, or team no matter the size and it really doesn’t take much time at all. Not to mention, Movebot can convert your Google file types (.gdoc, .gsheet, etc.) into the standard formats .doc, .xlsx, etc.


This is how simple Movebot makes it...


Team Migration

For this you need to have Domain Authority of G-Suite and be a Dropbox for Business administrator. But, the best thing is, it doesn’t need everyone to sign into their accounts. It’s all done in the back and all you need to do is map users Google Drive login with their Dropbox for Business login — more often they are exactly the same.


Detailed guides on the team migration method


Movebot is quick easy and affordable. It takes the challenge out of being locked down in a cloud and the team are happy to help. Check out the Movebot website at Movebot.io or flick an email to support@movebot.io


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