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Migrating between Dropbox accounts

Migrating between Dropbox accounts

A common question asked is whether Movebot can assist with migrating content, users and team folders between Dropbox accounts. The answer; yes it can.

Migrating between Dropbox accounts is the same process as migrating from Google Drive to Dropbox, or from an on-premises file server to Dropbox, the only difference is Dropbox (or Dropbox Business) will be both the source and destination platform in the migration. You can also migrate between Dropbox Personal accounts and Dropbox Business accounts.


If running a simple user to user migration, then Movebot’s simple migration wizard will suffice and you will just need to configure Dropbox and the source and destination, select your source folders and where you wish to migrate them to on the destination, and then kick it off. We will run through configuring a simple migration between Dropbox accounts below.

If you have a more complex migration or are looking to migrate an organisation between Dropbox Business accounts then it would be best to run through Movebot’s project/organisation migration wizard which offers more granularity and control when migrating organisations. The project migration wizard provides the ability to migrate permissions, map users to users, team folders to team folders or potentially user sub-folders into team folders.

If you have a complex or advanced migration and would like to use the project wizard then see Movebot’s getting started guide here.

Dropbox to Dropbox simple migration guide

Step 1. Create an account at Movebot

Navigate to admin.movebot.io and create an account, on completion you will be taken into Movebot’s dashboard.

Movebot Admin Login

Step 2. Create a new simple migration

Once at the dashboard a pop up should appear (otherwise select +Create New Migration) at this point select Simple Migration.

Simple Migration

Step 3. Configure Dropbox as the source

From the dropdown select Dropbox Personal or Dropbox Business from the list, then connect your Dropbox with Movebot using the button below the dropdown. You should receive a pop-up to provide access to Couchdrop (Movebot’s parent company). Once it has successfully connected choose Save and Configure Destination.

Migrating between Dropbox accounts

Step 4. Configure Dropbox as the destination

Once more select Dropbox Personal or Dropbox Business from the dropdown list and connect your Dropbox account with Movebot. When ready pick Save and Choose Folders.

Dropbox to Dropbox

Step 5. Choose folders (optional)

At this stage you can now map what folders you wish to migrate from your source to destination and where you would like to migrate these folders to in the destination.

If nothing is selected on the source then everything will be migrated. If nothing is selected on the destination then everything will be migrated into the root folder of your destination Dropbox account. Once you’re happy with your selection then Save and Finalize.

Dropbox Choose Folders

Step 6. Start Migration

Here you can now provide the migration a name (optional) and then start the migration by selecting Save and Kickoff.

Schedule MigrationMigration phases

Your migration will run through multiple phases — each shown by the migration progress dashboard.

  • The first phase will be the calculation/scan stage where the platform identifies the data to be migrated and the folder structure to be created.

Dropbox Migration Scan

  • The second phase will create the directories and folder structure, then it will move onto transferring data.

Dropbox + Movebot Creating Directories

  • On completion of the migration you will receive and email or if you are following you will see a screen similar to the below showing that status of the migration.

Dropbox + Movebot Transfer ReportAnd you're through! You can review the status of your migration and check if there are any failures or errors that you need to look into or if it's all good to go. 

For more information or to get started with your migration, jump across to movebot.io. You can also check out more of our guides at community.movebot.io, or read more Movebot articles. And if you need help from one of our migration experts, feel free to reach out at support@movebot.io