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On-Premise Storage to the Cloud: The Easy Way

On-Premise-Storage-to- the-Cloud-The-Easy-Way

There is no better time than now, to migrate your on-premise storage to the cloud. Using the cloud offers a lot of benefits such as easier collaboration, no hardware management or upkeep, and greater accessibility. There are several cloud storage platforms available each with their own strengths and weaknesses such as Google Workspace, Box, and SharePoint. Moving your on-premise storage to the cloud can be hard, but with Movebot we make it easy.

Preparing to move on-prem to cloud

First thing is first, where do you start? There are a lot of reasons to move into the cloud in a post-Covid world. We cover some of the most common resons reasons in our article Why you should move your file server to the cloud, such as Cost Efficiency, Performance, and Security. 

Moving to the cloud requires preparation, and the more prepared you are the less of a disruption the move will be. For your cloud migration plan, New Relic has a solid checklist that can help ensure a smooth transition. This encompasses an architecture role, through to baselines, refactoring, and creating the actual data migration plan.


How to move from on-prem to cloud

Now comes the methods, there is an array of methods in getting yourself to the cloud. But which is best for you? Often the cheapest option isn’t always the best, as there are other flaws whether it be corruption, security or overall transfer performance.

Once your data is finally in the cloud, there is the need to keep it up to date, or sync’d between your current on-site infrastructure and the new cloud storage. One tip is to make sure whatever solution or third party product you choose to get you there also supports the sync of new and modified files.


The cloud continues to improve

With COVID-19 showing that remote working with cloud collaboration is possible, many organizations are looking to move on-premise storage to the cloud. There is really no excuse to not move to the cloud and continue down your digital transformation journey. More and more clouds are becoming compliant with security standards and reside in most countries to ensure data sovereignty is maintained.

For example Box is great to use for collaboration and content management, whereas Wasabi Cloud is affordable hot cloud storage that is superb at storing large amounts of data. If you are looking to move from on-premise storage to the cloud easily, check out Movebot below.


Use Movebot to move your on-premise storage to the cloud

Movebot is a simple-to-use web-based tool that you can trust. Movebot is SOC2-compliant and never stores your data, giving you added security for moving your files to the cloud. You have no infrastructure to manage and can choose to have your data moved by nodes stored throughout the world such as Australia or the United States. 

Moveobt is a simple-to-use lightweight agent that runs as an executable. There is both a Windows and OSX version so you can move either server type to the cloud. Setup only takes a few minutes and you can move your file server to Google Workspace, Box, Dropbox, or any of the over 30 storage integrations that are supported. 

As Movebot is completely self-service, you log in, connect your source and destination storage and set some additional settings, and start moving your data. It's fast, simple, secure, and gets the job done. Want to see how Movebot works for yourself? You don't need to talk to a sales team or add a credit card. Simply register for a free 14-day trial and you're good to go!

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Move data between storage platforms, cloud tenants, and to and from on-prem files servers and the cloud with ease. Movebot provides lightning-fast speeds and simplifies data moving with an intuitive, feature-rich web dashboard that gives complete visibility for stress-free migrations.

Free pre-migration scan

Fast and scalable transfer

Full visibility of progress

Security & data sovereignty

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