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The Price is Right: Affordable Data Transfers with Movebot


For most people, there’s one question that will always come up when considering a new product or service: How much does it cost? Is the price right for what you get?

Movebot costs $390 per terabyte transferred. 

That’s it. No user costs. No hidden fees. No "fee" fees. Simple and straightforward pricing, as it should be.

Giving you the best value for moving data

The whole premise of Movebot is to make data moving simple and straightforward. So our pricing model is simple and straightforward. We want to give you the best value by having you pay for what you use and what you need.  

We like to let people know pricing upfront, because all the nifty features and shortcuts won’t mean much if the price tag makes you do a sheepish smile as you wait to say “Sounds great, I’ll call you back later after I run this up the chain” when you’ve already decided it’s too much. 

A great product is important. But what people are ultimately looking for is the best value. Even Warren Buffet uses coupons to treat his other super rich friends to lunch. Why not get a better value if you have the chance, even if you have (way too much) money? 


How much do other cloud migration services cost? 

If you search for cloud file migration costs, it can be challenging to find an accurate price. Some companies make you jump through a lot of hoops just to tell you that the prices are custom per user and you have to go through an hour-long onboarding call only to find it’s too expensive for what you get. It’s not uncommon to have the costs end up being $1/GB or more.

Others have you pay per user on top of other fees like a data cap. This can make sense if you know you’ll have frequent transfers that fit under the cap, and you have a small amount of users that won't change. If you fit under the data cap and have a small number of users it might work in your favor. Not so much if you have thousands of users and a combination of shared and public folders though, as those costs can add up quickly, or if you go past your cap--your projects could be paused, or just as bad, you get automatically updated a tier and no one tells you. 


Managed migrations

Managed migration companies can do the work for you, but often at a hefty price. Many of them won’t tell you the price upfront; for some, it’s because they haven’t actually decided how much to charge you until talking with you. Just like you want the best value, some companies want the best value out of you. 

 Even at the best rates, the migrations tend to be on the expensive side and come with limitations. Of course, you can do the migration yourself with a tool like Movebot and buy a lot of discounted cheeseburgers with your savings. 

 With a modern, cloud-based architecture and incredibly fast data transfer speeds, Movebot is a simple and secure way to quickly move data between platforms. It’s an affordable and simple way to move data. 


Movebot is a self-service migration tool that keeps things simple

Movebot keeps pricing simple. You can choose to either pay as you go at $390/TB, or choose a subscription plan with lower data rates. The choice is up to you. So how much does that add up to for bigger migrations?

Here’s a quick breakdown of what that means for larger migrations on the pay-as-you-go plan

  • $390 per Terabyte

  • $195,000 per 500TB

  • $390,000 per PB

And that's on the most expensive option, the pay-as-you-go plan. Movebot Subscriptions cut that price down a whole bunch. If you have dozens or even hundreds of terabytes to move, email us to talk about your use case and discounted data rates. 

But that's not all. Subscription plans also give you access to Explorer and Cleanup Wizard features at no extra cost. Explorer lets you find data insights your cloud provider can't (or won't) tell you, and Cleanup Wizard magics bulk files away forever in a few clicks. 


Even more savings - is the price right yet?

Of course, if you do have a huge amount of data—like over 100TB to move—get in touch for a free chat with the support team to go over best practices and to get a discounted rate for moving such a large volume of data. 

MSPs in the partner program also get a discounted rate along with other perks for dealing with a lot of companies and doing frequent migrations. And it doesn't cost anything to sign up. Take a look at our Partner page for more details. 


3 different billing options for MSPs and Enterprise customers

Our default billing option charge 1TB pack at $390. If you run out of data packs in the middle of the migration, we'll automatically top you up with a new one so the migration isn't interrupted.

However, if your organization requires a different payment model, you can email us at sales@couchdrop.io and request to update to Postpaid or Prepaid billing option. 


Ready to give Movebot a try? 

Movebot is an affordable way to move data from different storage providers. Sure, the price is right, but is the product right for you? The software is simple to use with numerous options to customize to your needs. Give it a try and see for yourself. Don't worry, you don't have to book a sales call or enter your credit card details to try it out. Simply sign up for a 14-day free trial and give it a go. 

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