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Reasons people and teams move clouds


Since Movebot branched off of parent company  Couchdrop in Feb 2020 to aid those making the move to or between clouds during COVID, an increasingly number of other reasons people move from one cloud provider to another has come to light.

We've heard and researched several reasons people and teams move clouds. Some of these  include cutting costs, a change in organizational direction, to increase storage space, they learned it was a poor fit, for different suite benefits, because of safety and security, and ease of use. 


cost savings by changing cloud provider

Cut Costs

One of the most common reasons we have heard from those moving cloud storage providers is to cut costs. As we know some cloud providers fees are quite expensive compared to others, so why not make the switch.

been told to change cloud providers

Organizational Direction

Many teams start off using a cloud provider as that is what they are happy with, or know. Potentially it was created to avoid dealing with the slow turnover of IT. However, all good things must come to an end when the overall company directs all its teams to move to a single, collaborative platform.

New empty cloud space

Increase Storage Space

This kind of goes hand in hand with cutting costs. More than likely when you are cutting costs, you are also comparing price versus space offered. Often when your company or customer base grows, so does your data and this is when pivots to a new, cheaper cloud with more storage comes into play.

thinking of changing clouds

Poor fit

Potentially you started off with a cloud provider, and over time you’ve realized it isn’t for you, it’s structure is wrong or it just doesn’t store your photos as nicely.

gsuite and google drive

Suite Benefits

This is more for the likes of Google and Microsoft where you pay for Google Workspace or O365 and receive storage at the same time. Makes sense as it’s often thrown in for free and it’s a large amount of data considering.

cloud security is important

Safety and Security

You may not trust or be happy with your current providers security or trust your sensitive data in their storage. The likes of OneDrive offers a personal vault that is locked and unlocked using 2FA, where as Google Drive is quite difficult at times to understand where a file actually resides.

Clouds that are easy to use

Ease of Use

Something like Egnyte may come across as quite technical and the tree format may not suit your style. Potentially the ease of search in Google, or the sync application of Dropbox is your cup of tea.

friends recommend a cloud


A friend or that “techie” that you know has highly recommended Dropbox for their incredible sync functionality, or Box for their content and collaboration offerings. So what do you do? You trust them.

So how do you get to the new cloud? When individuals, teams and companies move clouds, they choose Movebot. Movebot is safe, simple and affordable. You pay as you go and can rest assured your information is safely transferred into your new cloud storage. Get started today by registering for a free account, with no payment due until you move data. 



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