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Cleanup Tasks: Magic away unneeded files

New beta feature

Drafts, empties, archives, duplicates, make them all dead in a click with the magic of Cleanup Tasks. Find unneeded files and delete them in bulk to clear up space and clean up your storage accounts.

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Deletion criteria examples: File/folder name matches copy*, File extension matches .mp4, Files older than (days) 1460

Advanced filtering finds unwanted files

Set up detailed criteria to highlight pesky files taking up space and mark them for elimination. Add filters for Name matches, file type, modtime, and more. Mix and match filters to find the perfect combination to narrow down your selection to files taking up space, then delete them all in bulk with a wave of your hand.

Combine with scanning

Identify and Eliminate

Movebot scans give you deep insights into your storage that you can use to mark files for removal as part of a Cleanup task.

Approval required

Check, Confirm, Reconfirm

Deleting data is scary, so Movebot makes you confirm – multiple times – that the files are safe to disappear so you can make doubly sure nothing important sneaks through for deletion.

Multiple scanning stages

Scan and Execute

A scan is run before and after executing a Cleanup task so you can see what files are marked for deletion, which are ignored, and if anything failed to delete.

Transform and move data

Give your data a makeover with Cleanups and other Movebot tasks that help optimize your storage platforms.

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