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Data migrations: Complex moves made easy

Open the borders of your storage platforms with unrestricted migrations. Move any kind of file between any storage type at will, from entire organizations to a single folder with no limitations.

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3 Steps of a Migration – PAC and Go

With Movebot, migrations are super easy. Simply PAC and go, and Movebot will handle the rest.


Create a migration plan and use Movebot’s pre-flight scan to make sure your migration won’t get caught on any obstacles or delays. With detailed warnings, conflicts, and issues, Movebot lets you fix potential barriers before you start.


Move the bulk of your data to the new platform. Split your migration into mini projects or go for the big bang – it’s up to you. Whatever way you choose, Movebot easily moves terabytes per day so you aren’t left waiting.


Use delta migrations to only shift over files updated since the last move. There’s no need for teams to stop working on files or other annoyances. Run as many delta migrations as you need to get all your data moved over.

We support your platform

Movebot is a fully hosted cloud to cloud and on-premises to cloud migration platform, integrating with over 30 storage providers including on-premises files servers and NAS devices.

Migrate an on-premise server to the cloud

Migrate between cloud platforms

Migrate tenant to tenant within a cloud platform

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Zero Infrastructure

Movebot’s got SaaS

Forget about setting up, configuring, and managing virtual machines and infrastructure. It’s all taken care of. And the best part? Movebot scales to meet your needs automatically, with all security, updates, and management handled for you.

Why Movebot?

Data migrations with complete transparency and visibility

Find out the status of your migration and make sure your files arrive as expected with reporting, logging, and alerting features you can access at any time.

Pre-flight scan & analysis

The free pre-flight scan finds potential issues before they’re a problem, so you can make any changes for a smooth migration.

Performance Advisor

Curious to know how the move’s going? Performance Advisor lets you see relevant stats about your in-progress migration.

Logging & reporting

Detailed logging and reports keep track of all activity within Movebot for compliance and auditing purposes.

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Ready to move your files?

Movebot's simple interface lets you do full migrations on your own. Or if you'd like to learn more about our features, feel free to book a call with our knowledgeable team.

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Movebot for MSPs and Tech Partners

Partner with Movebot to deliver fast, seamless, and secure cloud data migrations. As a partner, you'll get partner margins on all migrations and other benefits.

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