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Update: Explorer has been integrated into Movebot’s Discovery scan, meaning you’ll have access to detailed insights whenever you run a scan.

Explorer: Discover valuable insights about your data

Cloud storage platforms don’t make it easy to find out how much data you’ve used, let alone what kinds of files are taking up space. Explorer shows you these hidden truths, along with uncovering valuable information about your data to help you save on storage costs and expose potential security risks.

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total data, duplicate data, files not modified in 2 years, estimated wasted space, space taken by versions

Unearth the treasures in your data

Explorer is an enhanced scanning tool that shows you secrets about your data you can’t see anywhere else. Breakdown the data by user, file type, size, modtime, and more. Explorer can also search for potential duplicates and provide cost and risk insights to help you save money and keep your data protected.

Check External File Sharing

Cover your assets

Sharing files with people outside the organization is one of the biggest security risks to data. Explorer can identify these files and help you lock them down.

Custom Report Builder

Break down data your way

Sort and filter your data based on what’s most important to you. Check for duplicates, filter by extension, modtime, folder depth, and more to find exactly the information you want.

Cost insights

Lower your cloud storage costs

Cost insights help you see estimated duplicates, files that haven’t been modified for years, and estimated wasted space so you can remove unused files and stop paying for storage you don’t need.

Multiple storage accounts. One dashboard.

Cycle through multiple storage accounts in Explorer’s simple, data-rich dashboard and easily find the information you’re looking for.

Get visibility into your cloud storage

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