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Data Migrations

Used by companies large and small to move billions of files and petabytes of data, Movebot will make your migration easy and pain-free while ticking all the boxes and leaving no data behind.

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4 Steps of a Migration

Connect Storage

Movebot can integrate with over 30 different storage providers. Simply connect your storage in the simple web interface – there's no software to download or install.

Discovery Scan and Simulation

The discovery scan searches through your data and maps your storage. It allows you to do comprehensive migration planning by providing detailed stats and error prediction to make your migration super easy.

Primary Migration

During the primary migration, you move the bulk of the data from one platform to the other. Movebot's data transfer speeds are incredibly fast - 3 to 5TB per day or more - and the Performance Advisor gives you full visibility of how the migration is running.

Delta Migration and Cutover

A delta migration checks for and pulls over any data updated since the primary migration. Delta migrations require no downtime for staff, and you can run as many as you need to get all your data moved over.

Simple and intuitive to use

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Movebot is driven from a comprehensive web admin portal that makes management, reporting, and tracking super easy.

We support your platform

We support the major cloud platforms, on-premises file servers, and NAS devices.

Cloud to cloud   On-premise to cloud   Cloud tenant to tenant 

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Team Drives, Permissions, Versions, and Metadata

Movebot supports the migration of permissions, versions, and other metadata natively. Our simple tool makes it trivial to move the metadata associated with your data.

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Fully Hosted, Cloud Native, and Easy

Self-manage your migration through our simple cloud interface. No software installation, hardware to manage, or downloads required.

It also scales as required; an army of additional workers can be deployed in the cloud to quickly migrate your data.

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Movebot has been built specifically for moving data. It is packed full of features to make your data migration, simple, straightforward, and easy to manage.

Free Pre-Migration Scan and Analysis

Movebot’s free pre-migration scan and analysis provides visibility over your data and checks for common issues and predicted failures before transferring files.

Movebot dashboard

Technical features

Inclusions & Exclusions

Only migrate specific files that are newer than a year, exclude permissions for those with a specific domain, or exclude files larger than a set size. It's all possible with Movebot.

Execution Speed

Migrations can be time critical. You get the control to add more compute to each individual execution to improve performance.

Error Handling

We get it. Not all cloud platforms are the same, some support everything, others have specific character limitations. Movebot will flag issues in the discovery scan and during the migration will automatically sanitize any file issues.

Simulation & Discovery

Run a scan on your source platform to identify the data that will be migrated, how much content there is, and any challenges that Movebot will attempt to automatically resolve. That way when time comes to migrate, you know what to expect.

Data Sovereignty Covered

To ensure your data is always safe and kept within borders, you can choose which region your migration is executed from. We support over 10 locations globally.

File Server to Cloud

Movebot supports file server to cloud migrations using Movebot’s Windows File Server agent. You don’t even need to install it and the agent turns your file server into an accessible platform to migrate from.

Delta Sync

Keep your destination platform up to date. Once you've done the initial migration, enable cloud sync to perform regular updates to transfer modified data to your destination platform.

Project Support

Whether you are looking to move organizations, departments, or teams, Movebot's project support enables you to segment your migration into multiple projects. This ensures you have the granularity and advanced control over your migration at each stage.

Secure Architecture

Let Movebot's modern architecture migrate your data in a secure and scalable manner. Each individual migration is run on it's own compute workers and no data is ever saved on Movebot's infrastructure. After the migration is finished, the workers are destroyed.

Logging and Compliance

Complete transparency and real-time logging during your migration lets you follow what is happening. Post-migration reports and downloadable audit of what users and data have been migrated to meet governance requirements are available as well.

Permissions and Versions

Leave nothing behind and migrate user permissions and file versions. Map permissions between users, or leave it to Movebot to automatically map permissions based on usernames.

Granular Control

Have full control of your migrations by only moving specific file types. Migrate your priority files first, so you have your business running on your new cloud faster. Then migrate the remainder of the data across.

Security & Data Sovereignty Covered

Movebot is backed by Couchdrop, a cloud native company with global infrastructure and SOC2 compliance.

To ensure your data is always safe, you can select the region for your migration to execute from. Movebot supports over ten geographic locations worldwide.

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Frequently asked questions

How secure is Movebot?

Movebot has been built on Couchdrop's virtual filesystem technology and our team takes security very seriously.

During a migration, Movebot never retains or stores any of your files and employs in-transit encryption at every step of the process.

How long do migrations take?

That is a tricky question as it comes down to the source and destination platform limitations more than anything else. With that said, Movebot has been clocked at 270TB per day for a single transfer, so you can rest assured that our platform is fast. Very very fast.

Can I add other users to see the migration?

Yes absolutely.

Can Movebot migrate versions?

Yes. Movebot can migrate versions, permissions, and other metadata.

Can Movebot migrate from on-premise to cloud?

Absolutely, and back the other way as well. Movebot has an agent that can be installed on any OSX or Windows server to facilitate on-prem transfers.

Can Movebot migrate Google to Google / SharePoint to SharePoint / Dropbox to Dropbox?

Yes, Movebot can do tenant-to-tenant migrations. Check out our integrations page for more details.

For more information, guides, or walkthroughs, see our Help & Guides

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Movebot's simple interface lets you do full migrations on your own. Or if you'd like to learn more about our features, feel free to book a call with our knowledgeable team.

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