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Migrate between Google Workspace accounts

Move users, files, and mailboxes between Google Workspace tenants the easy way with Movebot. Supporting both personal and shared drives along with emails, contacts, and calendars, you can migrate everything you need without losing any important data.

  • Move files and folders between Google tenants
  • Migrate emails, contacts, and calendars
  • Support for user permissions
  • Move terabytes per day
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250GB free trial, no credit card required.

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“A huge game changer for simply and efficiently moving content as needed for our customers!”

Josh, Channel Program Review


“When you put dedication, attention to details and quality support, you get this”

Edgar, Channel Program Review


“Works like a charm – easy to setup, yet can handle complex scenarios”

Dimitar, G2 Review


“Rich and capable migration platform”

Chris, G2 Review


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“Efficient, Reliable, and Exceptionally Supported”

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Movebot dashboard showing Google tenant to tenant data migration

Google tenant to tenant migrations made simple

Moving between Google Workspace accounts doesn’t have to be complex. Movebot moves your files along with extracting metadata such as modification dates and user information associated with files so users can work in the new account right away.

Movebot will handle:

  • Personal and shared drives
  • File sharing permissions
  • Doctype conversions
  • Shared With Me files (Inclusion or Exclusion)
  • Bypass the 750GB Google daily limit

Migrate Users and Mailboxes

Move some or all of your user’s mailboxes into another Google Workspace tenant, with options to set filter rules to exclude items you don’t need. Migrate emails, contacts, and/or calendars at scale just like files with simple volume-based pricing and no complex fee structures to navigate.

All Google Drive types supported

Moving files in personal and shared drives and preserving permissions and user access can be a challenge for some migration tools. Not Movebot. With Movebot, you have the option to migrate over permissions to your new Google Workspace tenant along with your files.

Preserve or convert Google File Types

Before starting your migration, you have the option to preserve Google file types like .gdoc or to convert them into standard Microsoft Office format so that your team can work in whatever format they’re most comfortable with.

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Simple pricing with no hidden fees

Forget complex pricing based on users and licenses. Simply pay for the amount of data you move and nothing else.

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of drive types can Movebot migrate?

Movebot can migrate any kind of drive type in Google Workspace, including both personal and shared drives, with options to move sharing permissions as well.

How does Movebot handle situations like duplicate files?

Moving data between Google tenants sometimes has a chance of duplicate names and other issues. But Movebot can handle these types of situations automatically as part of the migration if you leave them enabled.

Where does Movebot store my data?

Movebot doesn’t store user data. It simply connects to your source and destination accounts to move data between them.

What is volume-based pricing?

Our goal is to simplify data migrations, and that includes pricing. This means you pay per TB that you move, whether that TB involves, files, contacts, calendars, emails, or any combination.

How long do users need to stop working in the accounts?

Movebot doesn’t require any downtime for workers thanks to the delta migration functionality. Delta migrations scan for changes like new and updated files and only move those across, so users can continue working while the migration is in progress.