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Data moving for mergers & acquisitions

Looking to acquire an organization’s data and merge storage platforms due to a merger or acquisition? While Movebot stays out of workplace politics and team icebreakers, moving your data is blazing fast without the awkwardness.

M&A’s with M&A (Movebot and Awesome)

Mergers & acquisitions have a lot of moving parts. One of those parts that’ll move incredibly fast when using Movebot is moving data. Whether everyone is moving to a new platform, consolidating data in one place, or creating a chimeric hybrid of multiple storage locations, Movebot can help make sure data is where it needs to be and everyone has access to what they need.

Supporting all move types:

  • Cloud tenant-to-tenant moves
  • On-prem-to-cloud and vice versa
  • Moving between cloud platforms
  • Email migrations

True SaaS

One less thing to manage

Movebot’s fast. Scalable. SaaS. Updates, management, optimizations, they’re all handled for you automatically.

Reporting & Alerting

See it all, hear it all

Detailed reports, auditing, and alerting options mean you can see everything and be notified about what matters to you.

Permission migrations

Permission to move? If you want

While we don’t recommend moving permissions, we won’t stop you. Movebot can move existing permissions if you need to.


Handling data migrations during a merger or acquisition

How can you make sure data migration goes smoothly during a merger or acquisition? We have some tips to help make your data migration a success.

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Movebot for MSPs and Tech Partners

Partner with Movebot to deliver fast, seamless, and secure cloud data migrations. As a partner, you'll get partner margins on all migrations and other benefits.

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