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On-premise server to Google Workspace migrations

Moving an on-premise server to Google Workspace offers a lot of benefits such as wider access, easier file sharing, and a collaborative working environment. But getting those files to the cloud can be a tough job.

That’s where Movebot comes in. With quick and easy setup, lightning-fast migration speeds, and a straightforward interface, Movebot will simplify your migration from an on-premise file server into Google Workspace.

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Movebot will handle:

  • Network Attached Storage
  • Data on local Systems
  • Data on remote systems (UNC path supported)
  • File permissions

“Simple but powerful product with the best support team!”

Daniel – G2 Review

Simplify your File Server Migrations

  • OSX and Windows Servers supported
  • Simple per TB pricing
  • Zero infrastructure to manage

Simple agent installation

The Movebot agent can be installed on any compatible Windows or OSX server and then used the same as other storage integrations. Simply download and install the agent, connect using your unique agent token, and you can begin migrating files immediately.

Overcoming Google Data Limitations

When moving into Google Workspace, there is a 750GB incoming daily data limit. Movebot can overcome this limitation automatically, so that you can move terabytes worth of data into the Google Workspace account instead of your migration pausing every day after 750GB.

Preserve file permissions

If your file server makes use of user permissions for file access, these permissions can be migrated along with the file. Simply create a new user in Google Workspace, then choose what existing user permissions will be mapped to the new Google Workspace user.

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On-premise to Google Workspace migrations made easy

Moving to Google Workspace from an on-premise server doesn’t have to be difficult. Movebot moves your files and also extracts metadata such as creation dates, modification dates, and user information associated with files so users can work in Google Workspace right away.

Migrate Windows Servers to Google Workspace

Migrate OS X Servers to Google Workspace

Migrate files on Network Attached storage devices

On-prem to Google Workspace migrations without the complexity

  • Move files from your server into any drive type
  • Pre and post-migration reporting
  • Preserve file access permissions
  • Reconcile filename incompatibility automatically
  • Migrate files in Network Attached Storage devices

Movebot makes data migrations easy

Pre-Migration Scan and Analysis

Get visibility over your data and check for issues and predicted failures before transferring files.

Move Terabytes a day

Move dozens of terabytes per day through Movebot’s fast and secure cloud infrastructure.

Zero Infrastructure

There’s no infrastructure to worry about - Movebot scales to meet your needs automatically.

Security & Data Sovereignty Covered

Movebot is backed by Couchdrop, a cloud native company with global infrastructure and SOC2 compliance.

To ensure your data is always safe, you can select the region for your migration to execute from. Movebot supports over ten geographic locations worldwide.

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Stay fully informed with comprehensive scanning and reporting

Movebot dashboard showing migration progress

Movebot's web admin portal makes management, reporting, and tracking super easy.

Ready to move your files?

Movebot's simple interface lets you do full migrations on your own. Or if you'd like to learn more about our features, feel free to book a call with our knowledgeable team.

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