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Snapshot Tasks: Take a snapshot, it’ll last longer

New beta feature

People say it as an insult all the time but it’s pretty useful for data. Movebot snapshots let you copy a specific folder at a single moment in time, letting you save a snapshot to any supported storage platform.

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Graphic of timestamped folders with a copy of reports from SharePoint to Dropbox

Save snapshots across storage platforms

Snapshots take a copy of selected data and save a full copy to your chosen storage platform. Any storage platform that Movebot supports. Take a snapshot from one cloud and save it to another, with support across different ecosystems and architecture so you can have your snapshots saved and accessible wherever you want.

Exact copy

Stay in control

Snapshots make an actual copy of your data instead of a proprietary backup file you have to open with a special application, letting you keep full control and access over your data.

Timestamped Folders

Save and retrieve

Every snapshot is saved in a timestamped folder so you can quickly know exactly when the snapshot was taken and saved in your destination.

Scheduled Snapshots

Automate your backups

Use scheduling to regularly run the same snapshot snap on your schedule, so you never miss an important snapshot.

Move and restore data

Make snapshot backups and retrieve them at will with an easy-to-use data-moving tool that gives you full control of your data.

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