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Why use Movebot?

We created Movebot to be the best data moving tool available. Full stop. Think about what’s most important when moving data: Speed? Cost? Ease of use? How about all those things and more?

Here are some of the top reasons why you should try Movebot for migrations, emails, or simply moving files between storage platforms minus the migraine pills.


Lightning-fast migrations

Time is Money. Save them both.

Every migration tool claims to be fast. Most won’t back it up with numbers. We do. At the low end, Movebot moves about 3TB per day thanks to provider limitations. On the high end? We’ve seen block storage migrations clock in at 270TB per day. Of course there are a ton of factors but generally we see somewhere between 5–10TB per day on average.


Simple interface

Keep it simple, smart

Movebot is incredibly simple and intuitive, but that doesn’t mean it’s basic. Connecting storage only takes minutes, and Movebot has a ton of helpful features like a discovery scan, automatic doctype conversion, permissions moving, geographic isolation, and delta migrations. And you’ll be guided to see them all through the helpful setup wizard.


Zero infrastructure

Moving data with SaaS

Forget about spinning up VMs and trying to calculate required operations with numbers you can’t feasibly count to. Movebot handles all the infrastructure for you. Updates, security, management, Movebot does it all and scales to meet your needs automatically. Set, forget, and relax, or keep your hands busy elsewhere while Movebot does the legwork.


Reports & logs

Always see the full picture

You never have to go in blind with Movebot. See useful stats at all stages of your moving project, before, during, and after. From the pre-flight scan to the post-move report and the Performance Advisor with metrics on ongoing moves, you can see everything, with every action on the product logged and available to review at any time.


Break down large moves

Move a full account or a single folder

Big bang migrations can be relegated to myth thanks to Movebot’s option to break down large projects. Gone are the days of all-or-nothing migrations. With Movebot, you can segment moves into as many mini-projects as you want, meaning less stress for everybody and no downtime required for staff on either the source or destination.


Simple & transparent pricing

Lowest cost, highest performance

We don’t hide our pricing because we know it matters, and we know it’s a great value. With pay-as-you-go, you only pay for data you actually move, at $390/TB. MSPs who move a lot of data frequently can save even more on the MSP partner plan with reduced data rates and other perks to make moving data even easier.


Data insights

More than a data Mover

When it comes to moving data, you just need one tool to rule them all. Advanced scanning helps you find the amount of data you have, potential duplicates, and more. Tasks handle bulk deletions, data snapshots and other data lifecycle tasks. Find out where your files are, how much data you’re using, remove unneeded files, and move between storage platforms all in one place.


Try Movebot with 250GB free data

Movebot's simple interface lets you do full migrations on your own. Or if you'd like to learn more about our features, feel free to book a call with our knowledgeable team.

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Movebot for MSPs and Tech Partners

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