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Move data like a Pro

Simple. Efficient. Lightning-fast. Data moving as it should be.

There’s a better way to move data. Move terabytes per day with a simple data moving tool that just works.

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A better way to move data

Moving data between platforms has always been slow, complicated, and stupidly difficult. It shouldn’t be. So we fixed that with Movebot.

Try Movebot for a better way to move data between storage platforms. Any platforms. Emails, or files, it doesn’t matter. Move any supported data type into the storage of your choice, with no convoluted pricing or setup.

Movebot is simple, intuitive, and completely SaaS. No need to read hundreds of pages of documentation. No onboarding required. Simply sign up for yourself and start moving files in minutes with no downloads, installations, or spinning up VMs.

There’s a better way to move data. An easier way. Try it for yourself right now.

Why Movebot?
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Ensure all your data is moved correctly with comprehensive scanning & reporting at every step

Pre-flight Scan

Data Insights

Keep Metadata

Performance Advisor

Failure Alerting

Post Transfer Report

Know where you’re going before the journey

Pre-flight scan

The free pre-flight scan gives detailed insights about your storage so you can make any changes and preparations before the move and stop potential issues before they become obstacles.

Explore what your provider can’t tell you

Data insights

Discover how much data you actually have and break it down by file size, type, folder, permissions, and more to get a clear picture of what you have before you start moving.

Don’t start fresh at your destination

Keep Metadata

Movebot doesn’t just move the data itself. For most platforms, it also moves metadata such as creation dates, modification dates, and other helpful information you might rely on.

Always get the full picture

Performance Advisor

You aren’t left in the dark after starting a transfer project. The Performance Advisor lets you see real-time stats like estimated time remaining so you always know what to expect.

Fix errors before they become problems

Failure Alerting

If a file can’t be moved for whatever reason, Movebot lets you know. Issues range from Warnings up to Critical Errors, with explanations of each individual error and how to fix it.

Make sure everything arrived as expected

Post-transfer Report

After everything is transferred, Movebot generates a post-transfer report so you can see all files moved, files that were ignored, and suggested next steps such as delta migrations.


Security & Data Sovereignty Covered

Movebot is backed by Couchdrop, a cloud native company with global infrastructure and SOC2 compliance.

To ensure your data is always safe, you can select the region for your migration to execute from. Movebot supports over ten geographic locations worldwide.

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What is a Delta Migration?

What is a Delta Migration?

Delta migrations move only files modified since the last migration, saving you time and money while reducing the impact of adoption into the new platform.

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Try Movebot with 250GB free data

Movebot's simple interface lets you do full migrations on your own. Or if you'd like to learn more about our features, feel free to book a call with our knowledgeable team.

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