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Cost savings: Save on storage costs

Stop paying for storage you don’t need. Most organizations have tons of old, duplicate, and unneeded files. Movebot can help you find them, then delete or move them to help you save money.

Move and archive files

If you haven’t touched a file for 10 years you probably won’t need to tomorrow. Why not move those untouched files to a less expensive storage platform? Knock your storage costs down a tier or two and use Movebot to delete duplicates and move old files to help you save big in the long run.

Keep the piggy bank fat

Moving data to save money won’t do any good if you have to starve the piggy bank to do it. Movebot helps you keep it well-fed with no user or convenience fees. Movebot’s convenient all right, but you aren’t charged for its ease of use.

Shrink your storage costs

  • Identify old and duplicate files
  • Move between storage types
  • Affordable data moving rates

Free scanning and reporting

It pays to prepare – and costs nothing

Pre-flight scans and reporting are free in Movebot, so plan your moves as much as you like. You’re only charged for the data that you move.

Data Insights

Save on cloud storage costs

Movebot's scans give detailed insights about connected storage including cost-saving suggestions so you can keep more money in your pocket.

Cleanup Tasks

Filter, select, and delete in bulk

Say bye bye to duplicates and unwanted files in bulk with Cleanup Tasks. Find, choose, and delete files quickly and save money like magic.


Movebot for MSPs and Tech Partners

Partner with Movebot to deliver fast, seamless, and secure cloud data migrations. As a partner, you'll get partner margins on all migrations and other benefits.

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