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Large Organization Migrations - 1000s of Users, 100s of TB

If you're looking to migrate a large organization, we're talking 10's of thousands to 100's of thousands of users, or 100's of terabytes to a petabyte, knowing where to start can be difficult. Not only do you have the human element of the migration and working through change management, but you also need to find the right tool that keeps the process simple, cost-effective and can handle migrations of this size. 

large organizational migrations with movebot
Movebot keeps the process simple regardless how many users or how much data you are looking to migrate. Due to the flexible nature of Movebot's cloud architecture, Movebot scales as your migration does. Movebot is fully cloud hosted and managed - meaning you don't need to worry about infrastructure or hosting software. Because of this, each individual migration (think user to user, drive to drive, or folder to site) is run on its own independent compute node (server). This allows each job to run faster and is more secure as there are no shared resources and it enables you to have more granular control on your migrations. It also enables Movebot to optimize your migration to operate faster and perform better. Because there are no shared resources, each individual migration isn't waiting on a previous one to finish before it can begin, thus migrating multiple users, drives simultaneously. 
Movebot large organizational migrations
Additionally, not only does Movebot's infrastructure scale, but so does its pricing. Movebot only charges per GB, regardless how many users or drives you have, it still remains per GB. This works out cheaper, for example if you were migrating 50,000 users with 50TB, some platforms would charge $500,000 dollars, where as Movebot would cost around $15,000. Additionally, other providers who charge $1/GB ($1000/TB) the same migration would cost $50,000. Movebot's pricing s tarts at 0.39 cents per GB for the first 10 TB and then scales down to 0.29 cents per GB from then on. If you have more than 100TB there is additional pricing discounts. Not to mention Movebot provides service provider partners 20-40% margin on all migrations. affordable cost-effective large migrations
Movebot supports all storage platforms and has partner relationships with most. These relationships can help you with your migration and ensure that there is adequate support available to you when migrating such large amounts. The types of platforms that Movebot supports are are cloud (Google Drive, SharePoint, Dropbox, Box, Egnyte, Amazon S3, etc.) or an on-premise file system (NAS, file share or file server). 
large sharepoint, google, dropbox, box migrations

When dealing with content and data at scale, you have to take into account versions, permissions the way your data is structured at the source and how it will look at the destination, especially when going from a cloud provider whose way of storing data is fundamentally different (think Box compared to Google Drive). Movebot provides the ability to run a preflight discovery scan which performs a scan of your source data platform and will provide a breakdown of the data structure, permissions, versions and any further information on the content. 

movebot migration scan large migration scan

Along with the scan and during the migration Movebot will provide in the report any flagged issues that may arise. Additionally, during the migration Movebot performs automatic error handling to streamline your migrations and ensure you don't leave anything behind. Movebot will automatically correct character or file type issues that may crop up during the migration and convert Google Docs into Microsoft Format on the fly. 
dealing with issues at large scale

With migrating such large amounts of users, drives and data, support is key. Movebot offers support as part of the service on the tool. When migrating such large amounts, we understand that it can be a stressful time and you often require a top level engineer on the other end of the phone. Movebot doesn't believe in tiered support, instead when you require support you get an engineer who understands cloud platforms and the Movebot migration tool right from the get go. Movebot's engineers are always available to schedule in meetings to discuss your migration, and during they monitor the migration in the backend applying tweaks to keep it performing optimally.

cloud migration support

Movebot also supports all your desired enterprise features from migrating file versions, permissions, metadata and being able to run delta migrations (sync of modified files). Movebot keeps migrations simple, whether it is thousands of users or hundreds of TB, on-premise to the cloud, or cloud to cloud. It's always simple, fast and cost-effective. 


If you have a large migration and you would like to know more or have a chat with a Movebot human, don't hesitate to reach out. For detailed guides on migrating to your destination platform jump over to Movebot's knowledge base.



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