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Case Study

Migrating to Google

APPS People: “Movebot’s not a Swiss Army Knife…it has a single-minded file migration focus that works wonderfully.”

Mikkel Nielsen
APPS People

Google Premier Partner
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“Movebot isn’t like a Swiss Army Knife when it comes to file transfer,” says Mikkel Nielsen.

“It’s like having a one-bladed knife that’s really sharp, and it does one job really well,” says the APPS People deployment specialist operating out of Copenhagen, Denmark.

APPS People is one of Scandinavia’s largest Google partners, helping its own customers deliver, integrate and support the internet search engine’s suite of Workspace products and services.

“Other tools might be able to handle hundreds of thousands of files. But Movebot will do so more efficiently, while keeping the overview of the process nice and simple.”

One of APPS People’s roles is to move files and folders from one server system to another, most often cloud-based.

In July 2022 it had a large amount of data to transfer for one of its clients. APPS People’s challenge was its usual data migration service was going to be too expensive.

It investigated Movebot, which promised a total migration price about half of its competitor. Movebot also promised a simple and straightforward process.

“We tried it, and really liked it,” says Mikkel, who was attracted to work for APPS People after using its service as a Danish architectural firm’s systems administrator for 10 years.

“We carry out about 40 migrations a year, and we now use Movebot for many of them.”

“It’s simple, its setup is easy, and it’s focused on doing one thing…really well.”

He says Movebot’s reporting and repository is uncomplicated and easy to understand.

When the migration is over he can see which files may have failed to transfer; and why it has happened. This makes it easy to remedy the problem Mikkel says.

Another important feature of the Movebot cloud migration tool is that the Christchurch-based company can provide a transfer cost estimate beforehand - accurate to within $10 when the actual job is carried out.

“Movebot are also very focused and very flexible in their customer service to us,” he says.

“They’re easy to get hold of, and very available. If we have a question that’s a bit tricky, they’ll come back with recommendations, along with a reason why our own suggestion might not work.”

Mikkel is particularly impressed with Movebot’s ability to handle large numbers of folder migration.

“Other tools might be able to handle hundreds of thousands of files. But Movebot will do so more efficiently, while keeping the overview of the process nice and simple,” he says.

Mikkel says that while any migration is taking place, it is easy to see what is happening, and Movebot’s finishing report makes it easy to troubleshoot, and fix, any problems.

He reiterates the Swiss Army Knife analogy.

“Movebot’s a single focused sharp blade. It does what it says it does… migrate files really well.”

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