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Case Study

SharePoint to Dropbox Migration

Ivy IT Solutions:
Dealing with a migration tool and service “that’s straight down the line”

Danny Turnock
Managing Director
Ivy IT Solutions

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Danny Turnock of Ivy IT Solutions was looking for a trustworthy partner to migrate 11TB of data from Sharepoint to Dropbox.

His media-oriented client had significantly grown the moving images side of its business over the past few years, and purchasing 9TB of data a month “was costing almost as much as renting a house.”

“The agency’s staff were unaware that a migration was taking place. Their only downtime was 20 minutes while clients desktop apps were changed.”

Dropbox seemed like the best cloud provider, and Tunbridge Wells-based Danny went about determining the best migration tool for the job. Dropbox themselves suggested a couple of transfer providers, and he did a bit of his own research.

“One of the migration tools seemed expensive, but they rang a great number of times from their salesman who kept on knocking down the price,” he says.

“That made me even more determined to deal with someone who was straight down the line. I had a couple of conversations with Movebot, and they seemed to have a good mix of tech and sales, and total confidence in what their product could do.”

Danny says the other aspect which impressed him about Movebot’s offer was:

  • They were happy to interact on a trial basis
  • They were confident they knew where the transfer failures would be, and where the issues would lie
  • All of this was provided on a no fee basis (which was greatly appreciated at that stage of the relationship)

Armed with the cost and timeframe in presenting to his media client, Danny was confident they would be well‑supported by Movebot.

“We pressed go. It was predicted to take 10 days, but we migrated all the data in six,” he says.

“SharePoint did try throttling the amount of data which was being exported, but Movebot transferred it far more quickly than other migration tools would.

“Near the end we carried out a Delta migration, which cleared up the remainder of the data.

“The agency’s staff were unaware that a migration was taking place. Their only downtime was 20 minutes while clients desktop apps were changed.”

Danny says he appreciated the honest and fixed pricing Movebot provided right from the beginning of their discussions. The agreement was that there would be no more than 10% additional costs. In the end, pricing actually came in under budget, and under the predicted time.

“Obviously my client was really happy about that,” says Danny.

He says the service provided by Movebot’s Chris as the migration was being carried out was extremely useful, and the reports (included corrupt and doubled-up files) a useful tool to be able to provide to his client.

“I felt really confident in Movebot’s migration tool, mostly because I felt really supported before, during and after the transfer was carried out,” he says.

Danny says, it’s not as if his business isn’t doing well, “but if they’re looking for a reseller in the UK, I’d be happy to be considered!”

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