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Technical Features

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Data and Content Control

Automatic file sanitization

Resolve file type and naming differences between platforms

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Robust migration management

Segment your migration into multiple projects and transfers.

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Adaptable and granular file, user, and folder mapping regardless of platform

Customizable source and target assignments for email and file systems

Yes Yes

Content exclusion and inclusion

Based on modtime, file/email size, file types, etc.

Yes Yes

Granular permission mapping

Map permissions between platforms, exclude based on domains or emails, and map different users permissions to different users

Yes Yes

Automatic filename transformation

Configure realtime filename and character transformation

Yes Yes

Delta/differential sync

Manual or scheduled updates to transfer modified data

Yes Yes


Highly flexbile platform

Compatible with most cloud based file systems as well as on-premise file servers and block storage

Yes Yes

Email migrations

Move emails and files in one platform

Yes Yes

Resource isolation

Temporary worker nodes and no shared resources between customers and projects

Yes Yes

Granular infrastructure controls

Control threads and worker nodes

Yes Yes

No storing of customer data

Data is streamed between platforms in real-time

Yes Yes

Fast and scalable data transfer

Up to 10TB/day into cloud platforms

Yes Yes

Data Management

Cleanup Tasks

Systematic and granular tool for batch deletions

Yes Yes

Reporting and Alerting

Automatic error handling

Granular error logging and rerun capabilities

Yes Yes

Transparent logging and graphs pre, during, and post-migration

Rate‑limiting, worker logs, permissions, and file reports

Yes Yes

Pre-migration scan

Individual containers or whole domain

Yes Yes

Comprensive data-rich dashboard

Provides progress and details on a project and transfer-mapping level

Yes Yes

Security & Compliance

Secure by design

Natively secure through industry best practices and architecture isolation

Yes Yes

Data Sovereignty compliant

Choose your region for data transfers

Yes Yes

SOC2 compliant

Report available in our Trust Center

Yes Yes

Inactive account security

Token revoking after period of inactivity

Yes Yes


24/7 and on-demand support

Available through multiple channels

No Yes

48 hour support

Available through multiple channels

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