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Blockchain S3 Storage with Filebase

Movebot meets Filebase

Blockchain storage is appearing rapidly across the market. A few companies are doing intensive R&D in this space to offer a more secure, cheaper and responsive offering.

Filebase is built on the Sia decentralized network. Their solution is enabled by Blockchain technology which enforces cryptographic governance to ensure that files are stored in a safe, secure and available manner.

Once data is uploaded to Filebase, it’s stored on the Sia network. By doing so your objects get sharded into 30 pieces using Reed-Solomon erasure coding. To ensure security, these pieces are encrypted and distributed to servers scattered throughout the world for maximum redundancy. To offer incredible availability, only 10 of the 30 pieces are ever needed to recover a file. A great way to mitigate downtime without paying for additional infrastructure.


Is Filebase worth it?

Compared to AWS S3, Filebase’s offering is completely S3 compatible which comes with their S3-Compatible API, enabling you to build into the storage without paying for API requests, or egress costs.

Overall, due to not needing to pay for additional infrastructure and overhead, Filebase extends to their customers no bandwidth charges for egress or API request fees — their $15 / mo for 3TB of data is very appealing as you know what you are paying for and don’t have any abrupt hidden service costs.

Add Couchdrop’s virtual file system fabric to the mix, you can now spin Filebase into a decentralized and secure SFTP server, SMB/NFS share or a file-sharing platform.


Moving data to Filebase

If migrating, replicating, or backing up to Filebase is your cup of tea, Movebot is happy to help do the work in this space. Migrate from S3, Dropbox or another cloud endpoint or move directly to affordable blockchain decentralized storage from a traditional on-premise server using the easy-to-use Movebot agent.