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Migrating from Egnyte to Google Workspace

Looking to migrate your organization's content, users, and versions from Egnyte private folders and public folders into Google Workspace?  Movebot can simplify this migration, at a cost-effective price and do so quickly and safely. There is absolutely no need to host infrastructure or deal with a complex migration process. Migrating from Egnyte to Google Workspace can be simple, straightforward, and incredibly fast thanks to Movebot. 


Google Workspace vs Egnyte

Google and Egnyte are cloud storage platforms with continuous iterations and additional features for collaboration and storage being added regularly. Depending on the use case for the organization, one or the other may be a better fit, and there are a few differences in how the two platforms structure data. While Movebot can handle most differences automatically, there are a few potential issues that can complicate data migrations if you're handling things like file conversions manually. 


Egnyte cloud storage

Looking to take advantage of the latest technological advances, Egnyte is making use of AI and combining collaboration and storage with the power of AI for easy data transformation, consolidation, and searching. Known as the Egnyte Content Intelligence Engine, the AI-powered productivity feature hits four key areas: Knowledge Workers, Legal and Compliance, Cybersecurity, and Information Technology. 

The Knowledge Workers can generate summaries and extract important information from documents like names and dates quickly. It can also trigger workflows based on specific interactions, and you can interact with the AI conversationally. The other key areas focus on classifying and protecting content. If you let the system know that you have a specific type of sensitive data like HIPAA, it can help identify and classify content. The Egnyte Content Intelligence Engine can also help find old and duplicate files that may not be needed and mark them for archival or deletion, while predicting which files are important to move to edge caching for quick retrieval. 

Other features of Egnyte include large file collaboration, PDF Annotation and Editing, and eSignatures. Egnyte is suitable for routine storage as well as storing sensitive documents for industries like Life Sciences, Finance, and the Public Sector. The team has specialists in these and other industries to help make sure you have the right solution for your particular use case and are set up for success. 

Making use of the Egnyte Content Intelligence Engine requires at least being on the Enterprise Lite Plan, with the full power unlocked on Enterprise. 

For more information, see the Egnyte Website. 


Google Workspace

Aiming to be an all-in-one solution for the modern workplace, Google Workspace combines cloud storage with other productivity tools under a single suite. This means that one account gives access to several different tools, all managed from one place without having to juggle different sign-ins and tool nuances. 

For cloud storage, Google is one of the most popular platforms today, thanks in part to its flexibility. Files can be saved with any name--even the same name--with no restrictions on characters or anything else. It's simple to share documents with the right people, and real-time collaboration means people can work on the same file at the same time, even from different parts of the world. 

But the real benefit of Google Workspace comes when combining products. A subscription gives the organization access to a business Gmail account, which includes mail as well as calendars and shared calendars. These integrate seamlessly with Meet for video conferencing and Chat for instant messaging. Combining these products gives teams access to several products that work together without dealing with integrations or working with different APIs. 

Google Workspace recently added Gemini, an AI tool designed to help generate messages, find content, create effects, and more. Google is investing heavily in the project and plans to release more generative AI features with several currently in progress. Gemini can also work with cloud storage to help with data entry and extraction for Sheets, Docs, and Forms. 

For more information on Google Workspace, see the Understanding Google Workspace page


Egnyte vs Google Workspace

Google Drive and Egnyte are somewhat similar in how they show data and where it is stored; Google has "my drives" and "shared drives" whereas Egnyte has "private folders" and "shared folders". Although these are somewhat similar, they are fundamentally different in how they structure the data.

Egnyte is a centralized platform and operates like a traditional file server with a hierarchy and permissions that work similarly to a file server. In contrast, Google Drive is more flat in how it operates, but offers ease of use, simplicity, and a simple way to collaborate and work with content in the cloud. Google's shared drives are centralized and enable businesses to host content in a centralized manner with permissions. 

Because of these differences, some data migration tools have difficulties with Egnyte to Google migrations, but Movebot has several features to make them non-issues. 


Movebot data migration features

Movebot offers a fully cloud-hosted data migration tool that can help migrate content, users, permissions, and versions from Egnyte into Google Drive, regardless of whether you have 10 or 100,000 users, 10TBs, or even petabytes of data. Due to Movebot being completely cloud-native and its simplicity, it can scale to meet any demand and continue to offer this with speed. 


Native integrations

Movebot integrates natively with both Egnyte and Google Drive and handles errors automatically to streamline your Google Drive migration and ensure you don't leave anything behind. Movebot will automatically alert you to Google Drive limitations such as the 400,000 file limit in a shared drive, or help your migration perform faster by bypassing Google Drive rate limits. 


Zero Infrastructure

As Movebot is fully cloud-hosted, it means that you don't need to manage the infrastructure or install any software. Additionally, due to this Movebot can scale to meet your demand. Each transfer (user, drive, site, etc.) is run on its own dedicated compute node (worker) ensuring that not only are migrations secure, but also performant.

With this, you can add more compute to your larger transfers to increase the performance and throughput. It doesn't matter if you have 100 users or 30,000, Movebot's infrastructure is scalable and pushes data carefully and quickly. All of this is done automatically, without you having to manually make changes or updates to the infrastructure. 

Migrating from Egnyte to Google Workspace with Movebot

Migrating from Egnyte to Google is simple with Movebot. All you have to do is connect your platforms, choose which files to move, and start your transfers. Movebot will handle the rest. 


Connecting your platforms

Movebot has native integrations for both Egnyte and Google Workspace. To connect Egnyte, you'll need the Egnyte subdomain (subdomain.egnyte.com), and it's best to connect as an Admin to make sure you have access to all folders. Movebot connects via OAuth. 

Google Workspace takes a few more steps. You'll need to connect as an Admin user and include the domain. Movebot will automatically make a Service Account, but you'll need to delegate domain-wide authority in order for Movebot to have permission to move files. If you aren't sure how to do this, see our guide on how to delegate domain wide authority


Setting up your transfers 

One feature that sets Movebot apart is that you don't have to do full org migrations. You can break down these large moves down to the folder level and do smaller-scale transfers instead. Doing smaller transfers speeds up migrations, as well as lets you move important files first. 

With Movebot you can also exclude content that you don't want to move. Use filters to isolate older, redundant, or unneeded files and stop them from being moved into Google Workspace. You can then separate those files and mark them for deletion or archival. 

There are several other content transformation features such as filename sanitization, options specific for moving to Google, and the ability to specify a particular region for data processing. Once you've chosen your settings, you can map your transfers and start the migration

Running the migration

After starting the migration, the Performance Tracker becomes active and gives live stats about your migration with metrics such as the number of files moved and the amount of data transferred. Typically, you'll see speeds in the terabytes per day for an Egnyte to Google migration. If you notice significant slowdowns in the Performance Tracker, feel free to reach out to Support who can take a look at your project. 

When the transfers are complete, you can move any leftover files with delta migrations. In Movebot, delta migrations find new and updated files and only move those across. This means no data is left behind, and that users can continue working in the Egnyte account right up to final cutover. 

Make migrating from Egnyte to Google Workspace simple

Movebot keeps Egnyte to Google Drive migrations simple, whether it is, hundreds of users or thousands of users, on-premise to the cloud, or cloud to cloud. It's always simple, fast and cost-effective. Ready to get started? Try Movebot free with 250GB free data with no demo or credit card required.

Straightforward pricing with no hidden fees

Forget complex pricing based on users and licenses. Simply pay for the amount of data you move and nothing else.

“Simple to use – outstanding support.”

Movebot's support team was legendary in their quick responses and willingness to jump on a video conference to talk through how to resolve the problems. They have deep knowledge of their product and of the file storage platforms their solution is built for. We can approach future migrations with a lot less trepidation – given the accuracy and speed of Movebot, but especially because of their support team.

“Efficient, Reliable, and Exceptionally Supported”

Movebot has been an indispensable tool for our MSP looking for an efficient and reliable data migration solution. Our experience with it across various platforms, including SharePoint, Egnyte, on-prem file servers migrating to SharePoint, and O365 tenant to tenant migrations has been exceptionally positive. Their support team is responsive, offering assistance via and Discord, which was great in a pinch.

Elliot, Channel Program Review

“A Game Changer In Data Migration”

Movebot.io emerges as a frontrunner in data migration tools. Its rapid data transfers, user-intuitive interface, and compatibility across cloud platforms mark it as a standout. Added security measures bolster data protection. In the realm of data migration, Movebot.io truly transforms the landscape, offering a streamlined and elevated experience.

“Great team, great product!”

We needed a tool for moving large data sets with detailed enough logging to give us confidence in the successful move of millions of files and folders. Previous tools we used choked on large data sets (>1TB or > 1 Million files) or the logging was too simplistic for us know find errors or have confidence in deleting the source data set at the end of the migration. Movebot solved this for us.

“When you put dedication, attention to detail and quality support, you get this.”

I tried several competitors, and there was always something: lack of human contact, price, quality, speed, etc. I started looking around and ended up meeting with the VP of Sales for Movebot, he jumped on a call, and we went over the product, capability, and next steps and WOW. I have been using Movebot for a while now, and to be honest, there is no one out there doing the job the way they do.

“Amazing tool for migrations!”

Fantastic experience... We were able to do a file migration for a high-priority / high-touch client and move them to Azure AD from their on-prem environment in approximately 48 hours. The scanning and the data move itself really felt seamless. Thank you so much for the tool and to your incredible team!