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Mailbox Mover is Here!

The rumors are true. We’ve heard your feedback and you wanted the ability to move emails with Movebot. And now you can. Movebot’s turned email migrations on their head with Mailbox Mover, a better way to move emails.  


A better way to move emails

If you’ve used Movebot to move files, you move emails the same way. Simply connect your source and destination, choose your directories, and move. Easy, straightforward, and incredibly fast. 

So what makes it better? No per-user pricing for one. What you pay for is the amount of data moved, and that’s it. Have 5TB? We don’t care how many users you have, move 10 or 10,000 and pay for 5TB. 

Emails aren’t special, they’re just another kind of data. So we treat them just like anything else. Not only does Movebot not charge for users/inboxes/shared drives/etc for emails, but emails don’t have to be moved exclusively to other email providers. Sure, they can go to another email provider. But they can also go somewhere like Dropbox or Backblaze for backup or archival. 

You can essentially take a snapshot of a user's emails at any time and move them anywhere you want. This includes rearranging emails too. Inbox can go to Important or Updates or Drafts or anywhere else. Wherever you want. 

Right now Movebot supports moving to and from Google Workspace Gmail, Office 365 Outlook, Microsoft Exchange (EWS), and IMAP, with more in the works. If you have a specific mail server you’d like us to support, feel free to reach out at sales@movebot.io.

There’s a better way to move emails. Find out more here or give it a try yourself today.

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