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Movebot Explorer is Live!

Introducing-Explorer – 1

UPDATE: Explorer functionality is now part of the Discovery scan and is available to everyone. 

Do you know how your storage is being used? Yes? But do you really

Because you won’t find that in your cloud platform. You might be able to see the largest files. Or a few of the most recently updated files. But what about who’s the biggest waste of space (in data) in your organization? 

You can’t. At least not easily. 

Our pre-migration scan was the first step to solve this. It takes a snapshot of your storage at the time before a data migration, giving details beyond what you find in most cloud storage environments. We saw that people liked it, that it was useful, and thought “What if we supercharge this?”

So we did. 

The new Explorer add-on is an evolved version of our pre-migration scan, the old scan functionality on steroids (but totally legal), and detached from a specific migration project. Do an in-depth scan of any storage integration at any time, with easy-to-read details about your data you won’t find anywhere else. 

With Explorer, you can find who, where, and what has been Dropped under the Couch deep within your cloud storage. See all your data, and break it down by what you care about. File duplicates? Power users? Compliance and security concerns? 

Find whatever you need quickly, easily, and without paying thousands of dollars per month per user. It’s all included as part of Movebot scanning.

But don’t take our word for it. Sign up for a free trial and see for yourself how Explorer can give you the data insights you’ve been looking for.


Already have an account and want to try out Explorer? Email us at getstarted@movebot.io and we'll set you up.
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