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Moving between Dropbox and Google Drive


Moving between cloud storage can be a frustrating, slow and costly process — both in time and financially. Most applications and providers obviously don’t like people leaving, and make it incredibly infuriating when you try and simply get out. So how can you easily handle moving between Dropbox and Google Drive?

Both Dropbox and Google Workspace are common in workplaces, education environments, and also with individuals depending on what email provider you chose years ago. These providers offer some of the most robust and accessible storage out there that ‘syncs’ with your computer, mobile devices and applications. However, they are heavily reliant on their own or others eco-systems (Office 365 and the G Suite) and this can overtime become limiting and restrictive.

You have three main options when moving between Dropbox and Google Drive, and we'll cover each of them in more detail in this article. 


Option 1 — The Drag and Drop

The Drag and Drop method involves installing both the Google Drive application and the Dropbox application on your device. Once both are installed, sign into each application and bring up two instances of Windows Explorer. On one window open your Google Drive and in the other window open Dropbox. Now, copy (or select) all the files you wish to move and paste (or drag and drop) the files into your new cloud providers window.

This may seem easy and straightforward, however, this option has its downsides.

Once the files have finally copied across, you now need to allow the client to sync these files into the cloud, as right now they are only physically on your device. To monitor the sync process, check the task bar and hover over the apps icon. The sync, seriously, takes ages due to rate limiting, and this is for both Google Drive and Dropbox. Additionally, sync can slow down your computer and eat resources, as well as disrupt your home network.


Option 2 - A Third-Party Tool

Using a third-party migration tool can seem like a great option, but which one do you choose? Ideally, you want a tool that's compatible with both Dropbox and Google Drive, including all the content in your shared folders.

Affordability is another important point. Some data migration companies charge upwards of $1 per GB, on top of user licenses and other feeds. These costs add up quickly and you can find yourself paying thousands of dollars just to move a terabyte of data. 

Using the tool itself can also be challenging. You have to jump through hoops like go through a sales call, get a quote, and do mandatory onboarding. These can eat away at your time and resources before you even start work in the tool itself.

In the end, they do the job but there are barriers and it can be costly — especially when they sting you with hidden costs and take a long time due to rate limiting or other issues. 



Option 3 — Movebot

Yes, Movebot is a third-party data moving tool. However, compared to others out there it is affordable, easy, and it just works. It’s responsive and keeps you updated during your migration. Some files didn’t make it across? Movebot will let you know what didn’t make the jump.

Movebot uses simple per TB pricing and gets cheaper on any Movebot subscription, which also includes access to new features like Explorer and Cleanup Wizard. With Movebot, there is no need to talk to sales if you don't want to and it's truly SaaS, so no need to install any software. It is fully cloud, sign up and go. 

See below how to migrate to either Dropbox or Google Drive and save your time and frustrations to do something you’d rather be doing.

Want to give Movebot a try first? Register for a free 14-day trial and see if Movebot is right for you. 



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