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Migrating to and from on‑premise file servers

Whether migrating into the cloud or consolidating data into an on-prem server, Movebot can connect file servers to over 30 storage platforms for fast, simple, and secure data movement.

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Connecting file servers to the cloud

Movebot connects to on-premise servers by using a low-resource agent. Simply download and run the agent on a machine that is networked to the file server, connect using your unique token from Movebot, and you’re good to go. Once connected, the agent saves the configuration so simply have it running in the background whenever you want to connect your server to Movebot.

Connecting via the agent lets Movebot move files between the server and any of the 30+ platforms we support. You get the same features and functionality that you do with cloud platforms including file/folder permission preservation, automatic filename sanitization and doctype conversion, the option to choose your data processing region, and more.

Move terabytes per day into or out of the cloud with Movebot.

Move files on Network-Attached Storage

Once the Movebot agent connects to the file server, it can also move data on NAS devices on the same network. Depending on the specific OS the file server is using, you may be prompted to grant access to network-attached storage. After granting access Movebot can move these files to the cloud as well.

Movebot supports migrating to/from:

  • Windows Servers
  • OSX Servers
  • SharePoint On-prem
  • Legacy SharePoint/Onedrive
  • SFTP Servers
  • NAS Devices

Migrate both ways

Move to and from the cloud

Move files from a file server to the cloud or from the cloud to a file server. Movebot supports moving files in both directions.

Move any data

Files and emails supported

Use Movebot to move files from Exchange EWS and IMAP mail servers to a file server for secure onsite backups in readable formats that can be restored at any time.

30+ platforms

Supports all major cloud storage

Move files between file servers and over 30 platforms including Google Workspace, SharePoint Online, Dropbox, Egnyte, Amazon S3, and more.


Movebot for MSPs and Tech Partners

Partner with Movebot to deliver fast, seamless, and secure cloud data migrations. As a partner, you'll get partner margins on all migrations and other benefits.

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