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Google to Dropbox Migrations

Migrating from Google to Dropbox is simple and straightforward with Movebot. Move both personal and shared drives into Dropbox and preserve permissions so you can get straight to work.

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Movebot will handle:

  • Personal and shared drives
  • Versions & Permissions
  • Filename sanitization
  • Shared With Me files (Inclusion or Exclusion)
  • Modtime Preservation

“Simple but powerful product with the best support team!”

Daniel – G2 Review

Simplify your Google to Dropbox Migrations

  • Google Workspace, Drive, and Cloud Storage supported
  • Convert Google Doctypes automatically
  • Move terabytes per day

Multiple Google Platforms Supported

Need to move out of Google Workspace? Have data sitting in GCS you want moved into Dropbox? Let Movebot take care of it. Movebot supports individual Google Drives, Google Workspace accounts, and Google Cloud storage and can move every drive type into Dropbox or Dropbox Business.

Move any drive type

Movebot lets you move both personal and shared drives into Dropbox. You can map these drives to the same drive type–like Google shared drives to Dropbox Team Folders–or to another type like an individual user’s drive in Dropbox.

Google-specific Migration options

Because of Google’s unique infrastructure such as allowing duplicate file names and any characters in folders, migrating away from Google can cause complications. Movebot can catch these potential issues and fix them automatically so all of your files get moved over properly.

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Fast, simple, and secure Google to Dropbox migrations

Whether you need to move from Google Drive to Dropbox, Google Workspace to Dropbox, or Google Cloud Storage to Dropbox, Movebot can move your files, versions, and permissions so you can be ready to work as soon as the migration is done.

Google Workspace to Dropbox Business

Google Drive to Dropbox

Google Drive to Dropbox Business

Google to Dropbox migrations without the complexity

  • Move any drive type including shared drives
  • Preserve sharing and permissions
  • Include or exclude Shared with Me content for each user
  • Reconcile filename incompatibility automatically
  • Automatic conversion of proprietary doctypes

Movebot makes data migrations easy

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Storage Support

Movebot supports over 30 storage platforms as well as on-prem servers and NAS devices.

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Move Terabytes a day

Move dozens of terabytes per day through Movebot’s fast and secure cloud infrastructure.

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Zero Infrastructure

There’s no infrastructure to worry about - Movebot scales to meet your needs automatically.

Security & Data Sovereignty Covered

Movebot is backed by Couchdrop, a cloud native company with global infrastructure and SOC2 compliance.

To ensure your data is always safe, you can select the region for your migration to execute from. Movebot supports over ten geographic locations worldwide.

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Take the challenge out of Google to Dropbox migrations with Movebot

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Movebot is driven from a comprehensive web admin portal that makes management, reporting, and tracking super easy.

Ready to move your data?

Movebot's simple interface lets you do full migrations on your own. Or if you'd like to learn more about our features, feel free to book a call with our knowledgeable team.

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