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Mailbox Mover: The easiest email migration tool on the planet

New beta feature

Forget complex configuration and pricing, Movebot treats emails like any other kind of data – simply connect your source and destination and start moving. It’s that easy.

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A better way to move emails

Traditionally, moving emails is stupidly convoluted and limited to a few email providers. Not with Movebot. Move messages between email clients, to cloud storage for backups, or even to block storage for archival. Move emails to any supported integration for any reason with quick and simple setup.

  • Google Workspaces Gmail, Outlook, and IMAP providers supported
  • No per-user fees, simple per TB pricing for ALL data – including emails
  • Move emails between email clients, cloud storage, file servers, and more

Faster email migrations

Move terabytes per day

Emails use the same infrastructure as other types of data in Movebot, meaning you can move several terabytes of data – and the associated users – per day.

Clean up Inboxes

Avoid excess data charges

Use filters like modtime to only move the emails you actually need. Save money on storage and clean up inboxes at the same time.

Restructure hierarchy

Move between labels and inboxes

Move emails wherever you want. Inbox to Archive? Yep. Forums to Updates? Sure thing. Move messages between labels, folders, and more. It’s all up to you.

In Beta:
Transfer Contacts and Calendars

Move contacts between accounts and pull over calendar events so users go straight to work in the new account without long transition times.

Zero Infrastructure

Movebot’s got SaaS

Forget about setting up, configuring, and managing virtual machines and infrastructure. It’s all taken care of. And the best part? Movebot scales to meet your needs automatically, with all security, updates, and management handled for you.

Why Movebot?

No per-user charges for email migrations

Simply pay per TB of data moved – whether it’s emails, files or folders.

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Movebot for MSPs and Tech Partners

Partner with Movebot to deliver fast, seamless, and secure cloud data migrations. As a partner, you'll get partner margins on all migrations and other benefits.

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