Drag and Drop between Dropbox, Google Drive and any other cloud drive.

MoveBot by Couchdrop, provides the simplest, fastest and most cost effective way to migrate, backup and replicate storage in the cloud.

Move your data

Pay as you go
Stellar Support
No commitment
No monthly subscription
Easy Setup

We only charge you upon completion.

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Couchdrop MoveBot is priced based on usage. With the standard plan, you only pay for what you use, no monthly subscription. We pride ourselves on being the most competitive and scalable.



 Per Migration

- $49.00 per one off migration
- 100GB of Free Data
- 0.39 per GB over 100GB
- 0.15 per GB over 1TB
- Pay as you go
- Premium support
- No commitment
- No monthly subscription

Team Migration


Per User

- $10.00 per user (min 10 users/drives)
- 50GB of Free Data per user
- 0.15 per GB over 500GB
- Pay as you go
- Enterprise Support
- No commitment
- No monthly subscription

Data Lakes

Contact US

- From 0.005 per GB
- $1.00 per migration
- Unlimited Jobs
- Unlimited Users
- Hosted Worker Nodes
- Bring your own domain
- Enterprise Support