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Simple and straightforward pricing

We use a flat rate of $390 USD per TB data pack whether moving files, folders, or mailboxes. Data packs don't expire and can be used across multiple projects.

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Pay Per TB

$390/TB. (USD)

Pay only for what you move.

Get full access to Movebot and pay only for the data you move at $390 per TB data pack with no other fees.

  • No subscription
  • Data never expires and can be used across multiple projects
  • Support for over 30 platforms
  • Move files and folders
  • Move emails, contacts, and calendars
  • Support response within 36 hours
  • Access to Discord channel
  • 250GB free trial
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MSP Partner

Partner pricing for MSPs

MSP partners get access to advanced features to make managing teams and clients simpler along with additional payment options and priority support.

Get everything in Pay Per TB and:

  • Discount on per TB price
  • Exclusive MSP features
  • Data never expires and can be used across multiple clients and projects
  • 24/7 Premium Support
  • Access to Discord channel
  • 250GB free trial
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Customized pricing for large projects

Get in touch if you expect to move over 100TB and our team will put together a custom plan that suits your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need to migrate less than 1TB?

Movebot bills in 1TB data packs, so for migrations of under 1 terabyte you would still be billed for 1 data pack. However, this data pack never expires and can be used over any number of projects. For example, if you had 3 250GB migrations you would only pay for 1 data pack which would cover all 3 projects.

Does scanning use up my data pack?

No. We believe that scanning is an essential part of a successful migration, so we don’t charge for it. Run scans as often as you like at no cost and start the migration once you’re confident and ready to go.

Will my migration stop if I run out of data mid-migration?

No. If you run out of data while a migration is running, Movebot will add a data pack using the credit card on file so that your migration won’t stall.

What kind of virtual machines and infrastructure do I need to set up for my migrations?

Movebot handles all the infrastructure for you, so there’s no need to set up or manage virtual machines, updates, or anything like that. This is a core benefit of Movebot and not something we charge for.

How much do I have to pay per email user I migrate?

Nothing. Movebot doesn’t charge for users, only for the amount of data moved. The cost is the same whether that data is files, emails, contacts, or calendar data.

What if my entire project is under 250GB?

Then it’s free! Every account gets 250GB of free data automatically at signup. We hope you’ll come back if you have another data migration project later on.

What other costs do I have to pay for my migration?

With Movebot, you simply pay for what you move. Nothing else. There’s no monthly platform costs, user fees, scanning charges, or anything else. Only pay for data moved in 1TB data packs at $390 each.