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Data Migration Security
with Movebot

Built for security and privacy, Movebot has best-in-class security that wasn’t added as an afterthought. Security is baked in, with Movebot giving users full control of their data. Strict security standards are met at all stages to maximize data protections and privacy.

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End-to-end Encryption

Movebot doesn’t store data, which means that the encryption for the storage provider applies for data at rest. When data is being transferred, Movebot employs encryption, and API access to cloud storage providers is also encrypted, generally by HTTPS with TLS 1.2. With end-to-end encryption, at no point is data unencrypted when using Movebot.

Data is never stored

Movebot doesn’t retain any data related to transfer projects. Data is streamed between platforms using temporary compute nodes that are project-specific and used only for a particular customer and project. Multiple nodes may be used for a transfer, all of which are project-specific. Nodes only last for the duration of the individual job and are destroyed once the task is complete.

Data Sovereignty

With Movebot, users have full control of their data. This includes data processing as well. When setting up a transfer in Movebot, users can choose a data processing region from over 10 worldwide locations including Australia, the United States, and Germany. Data processing will be isolated to the chosen region to help with meeting required compliance standards.

Zero Infrastructure

Using a fully SaaS infrastructure means that all updates and patches are handled by Movebot. Since users don’t need to manage their own machines, they never need to do manual updates or install security patches. Transfer projects will always be run using the most up-to-date nodes for maximum security.

SOC 2 Compliant

Movebot meets SOC 2 compliance standards as an additional measure of security. Data migrations and transfers all fall under the framework, meeting the strict standards to ensure data and privacy is protected. See our SOC 2 reports in our Trust Center for further details.

Learn more in our Trust Center

For more information on security including white papers, compliance reports, and monitoring, see our Trust Center.

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If you have any questions, please contact our top-notch support team at support@movebot.io

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