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SharePoint to Egnyte Migrations

As an all-in-one platform designed to manage files and content risks, Egnyte is used by IT professionals and companies around the world for content storage and management.

Getting files out of a platform like SharePoint and into Egnyte can seem like a challenge, but Movebot simplifies SharePoint to Egnyte migrations and can move all types of content.

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Movebot will handle:

  • Users
  • Shared Folders
  • File Permissions
  • Modtime
  • User File Information

“Simple but powerful product with the best support team!”

Daniel – G2 Review

Simplify your SharePoint to Egnyte Migrations

  • Migrate all content types
  • Map users and permissions
  • Move terabytes per day

Scans and checks at all stages

To make sure all your required files migrate from SharePoint to Egnyte, Movebot includes scans at all migration stages. This lets you know what to expect as well as decide if you need to adjust anything before the migration.

Ignore checksum and size checks

Certain file types in SharePoint return invalid checksums and cannot be verified, resulting in a failure. This option allows files to be marked with a warning instead of failed transfers.

Move terabytes of files per day

Movebot is unrivalved when it comes to speed, allowing you to move terabytes worth of files from SharePoint to Egnyte. Finish your migration faster with a file moving tool that gets the job done quickly.

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SharePoint to Egnyte migrations made easy

Moving between cloud storage shouldn’t be complex, and Movebot makes SharePoint to Egnyte migrations simple. Movebot moves your files and also extracs metadata such as user information associated with files so users can work in Egnyte right away.

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SharePoint to Egnyte migrations

automatically convert Google Docs to Word

Automatic file conversion

Bypass SharePoint rate limiting

Movebot makes data migrations easy

Pre-Migration Scan and Analysis

Get visibility over your data and check for issues and predicted failures before transferring files.

Move Terabytes a day

Move dozens of terabytes per day through Movebot’s fast and secure cloud infrastructure.

Zero Infrastructure

There’s no infrastructure to worry about - Movebot scales to meet your needs automatically.

Security & Data Sovereignty Covered

Movebot is backed by Couchdrop, a cloud native company with global infrastructure and SOC2 compliance.

To ensure your data is always safe, you can select the region for your migration to execute from. Movebot supports over ten geographic locations worldwide.

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Stay fully informed with comprehensive scanning and reporting

Movebot dashboard showing migration progress

Movebot's web admin portal makes management, reporting, and tracking super easy.

Try Movebot with 250GB free data

Movebot's simple interface lets you do full migrations on your own. Or if you'd like to learn more about our features, feel free to book a call with our knowledgeable team.

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