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Cloud tenant-to-tenant migrations made simple

Since moving between cloud tenants is using the same ecosystem, rules, and restrictions, it should be simple, right? Unfortunately, in many cases, these migrations were anything but easy. Then Movebot came along, making cloud tenant migrations simple and straightforward and automatically resolving things that used to be issues.

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Solving cloud tenant issues

Moving between tenants often involves going from one active account to another, which might seem tricky at first glance. How do you deal with things like duplicate names and keeping the destination tenancy uncluttered? You don’t have to, because Movebot can handle these concerns for you automatically.

  • Automatic deduplication
  • Migrate permissions
  • Break moves down to folder level
  • Content exclusion filters
  • Advanced delta migrations

Simplify tenant-to-tenant migration projects with a data migration tool that does it all

SharePoint to SharePoint migrations

Move files between users, sites, and document libraries with ease. Transform content and migrate files at the same time.

Google Workspace to Google Workspace

Migrate emails, calendars, contacts, and files between Google Workspace tenants. Move files between users and drive types.

Moving between Dropbox Tenants

Movebot supports moving files between Dropbox tenants, including different folder types and between personal and business accounts.

Comprehensive Reporting

After doing a tenant-to-tenant migration, you’ll want to make sure the data arrived as expected without issue. Movebot’s comprehensive reporting comes in handy here, telling you detailed stats about your migration including noting any file names that were modified with your chosen settings.

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