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Local File Server to Dropbox migrations

Local File Server to Dropbox migrations

On-prem file servers are very restrictive in the era of cloud computing. But those servers tend to have critical files needed for your organization to operate. Moving the files on a local file server to Dropbox could provide many advantages, but where do you start? That's where Movebot comes in. 

Move your On-premise server to Dropbox

If you want to know if you can move files, drives, and users from an on-premises file server into Dropbox, you can start doing it in minutes with Movebot. Movebot makes the leap from legacy to modern easy and simple. There is no need to host infrastructure or deal with a complex migration process.  


How do you start moving files from a local server to Dropbox?

Migrating from old to new often has its challenges with the biggest being "how". It can be daunting when looking to migrate TBs of data and thousands of users and directories from a local file server, NAS, or other form of local storage. Planning is important, especially when gauging the infrastructure limitations and understanding the data structure. 

With that in mind, Movebot has a lot of tools to make these processes easier and make sure no files get missed. 


Move files on local files to the cloud with the Movebot agent

The Movebot agent is a low-resource executable that allows Movebot to connect to your local devices and move files to any other data storage platform you have connected to Movebot. All you need to do is download Movebot's file server agent which is an executable file and enter in your unique token. The server will then call out to Movebot via HTTPS (no need for firewall pin-holing) and connect to Movebot. 


Quick guide to using the Movebot Agent

Using the agent is simple. Simply create and name a project and then select Microsoft Windows / Apple OSX as your source. Movebot will then generate a unique Agent Connection Token. Copy this and download the agent. This will need to be run on the local device you want to use as your source. 

Movebot Agent File Server

After running the executable, it should automatically open a window prompting you to enter the Agent Connection Token. 

Movebot OSX Agent Setup

Paste the token you copied from Movebot and click Connect To Movebot. You'll receive a confirmation that the agent has connected successfully. 

Movebot OSX Agent

After that, return to Movebot and add Dropbox or Dropbox Business and follow the configuration process and you'll be ready to move files from your local server to Dropbox.

You can then navigate your folder structure and server, map users via CSV or manually through Movebot's web UI picker and run the migration with full checksum and integrity checking. 

If you're looking for a more detailed guide, head to our knowledge base to learn more about migrating to Dropbox.


Why choose Movebot to migrate your file server to Dropbox?

We designed Movebot to be as fast and simple as possible so you can move your files to where they need to be. Movebot is fully cloud managed and hosted, it doesn't require you to host any infrastructure or servers, it offers many features to ensure your migration is a success, and is affordable to use. 


Movebot is cloud-hosted

As Movebot is fully cloud-hosted, it means that you don't need to manage the infrastructure or install any software. Additionally, due to this Movebot can scale to meet your demand. Each transfer (user, drive, folder, etc.) is run on its own dedicated compute nodes (workers) ensuring that not only are migrations secure, but also performant.

What does this mean for you? Movebot adds nodes as needed, scaling to give maximum performance. Due to this, it doesn't matter if you have hundreds of files or millions of files, Movebot's infrastructure is scalable and pushes data carefully and quickly. Then once the project is finished, those workers are terminated, ensuring no traces of your data are left behind. 


Easy integration and enhanced functionality

Movebot integrates natively with Dropbox and Dropbox Business and handles errors automatically to streamline your Dropbox migration and ensure you don't leave anything behind.

Movebot will automatically alert you to any potential flagged issues or help your migration perform faster by working with Dropbox to ensure optimal efficiency. With Movebot you can migrate specific users, drives, and folders into Dropbox Team Drives to make the content available for collaboration and accessible.

Another option that you have is the ability to run a preflight discovery scan across your local server which simulates a migration and will show you any errors that may be encountered, a breakdown of the entire file and data structure, and analytics of the content. 

Movebot Scan Results - Graphs


Affordable data movement

Moving data between storage platforms shouldn't break the bank, and with Movebot it doesn't. Our pay-as-you-go pricing is simple and transparent using a per TB price structure. 

Movebot subscriptions are also available, for anyone who needs to move data regularly. Subscribers also get access to Explorer and Cleanup Wizard features and faster support turnaround. 

With pricing options for any amount of data, Movebot has an affordable option to help you move any size local file server to Dropbox. 


Movebot is a preferred Dropbox Partner

Still not sure if Movebot is right for moving files to Dropbox? Movebot is a Dropbox partner, chosen by the platform as their migration platform of choice for migrating files to Dropbox. 

Through Movebot's partnership and relationship with Dropbox, you can count on Movebot to keep migrations simple, whether it is, hundreds of users or thousands of users, on-premise to the cloud, or cloud to cloud. It's always simple, fast, and cost-effective and a chosen Dropbox migration tool globally.

Ready to get started? You can try Movebot free for 14 days, including running a scan on your data sources and exploring your data with Explorer functionality. Register for a free account to get started, with no credit card or sales call required. 

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