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Built to make migrations frictionless

Movebot is a fully hosted cloud to cloud and on-premises to cloud migration platform. Our intuitive web interface makes self-managing your migration easy and our automated platform takes care of the heavy lifting.

Migrate an on-premise server to the cloud

Migrate between cloud platforms

Migrate tenant to tenant within a cloud platform

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Why use Movebot?


No infrastructure to manage

With Movebot, there’s no need to configure, spin up, and manage virtual machines. Movebot maintains and manages the entire infrastructure, saving you time, resources, and money.


Movebot automatically handles file sanitization

Each platform has its own standards for naming files and folders. Movebot solves file sanitization by automatically flagging and solving conflicts during the migration, ensuring the data is migrated correctly.


Harness Movebot’s relationships with cloud platforms

Movebot has established partnerships with major cloud platforms, which allows you to move data between platforms without issue and ensures your data is moved quickly and efficiently.


Ensure you move all your data

Movebot’s pre-migration scan provides valuable insights into your data and how to best improve your migration including notifying you of any potential issues, assuring that no data is lost or left behind.


Keep migration costs under control

Movebot is different from most migration platforms in that we only charge for what is successfully migrated. In some cases, Movebot is cheaper per GB than the transfer rates out of GCP/AWS and Azure.


Do it like the Pros

MSPs around the world use Movebot to migrate and transfer data for their clients. Take it from them, using a tool like Movebot saves time, money, and headaches and is an overall better experience for everyone.

Simple and straightforward pricing

Movebot keeps data moving simple, and that applies to pricing as well. You're charged in 1TB packs, which keeps pricing simple and scalable whether you have 1TB or 100TB to move.

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Movebot moves terabytes per day

Optimised for speed, our intelligent platform scales workers and threads while balancing rate limiting and network throughput to maximize bandwidth. Movebot autoscales worker nodes to process your migration in double speed.

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Leave no data behind

Migrations can involve thousands of users, complex folder structures, and distributed data. Movebot’s comprehensive set of features supports versioning, permissions, metadata and all those tricky nuances that come with storing data.

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Team Drives, Permissions, Versions and Metadata

Movebot supports the migration of permissions, versions, and other metadata natively. Our simple tool makes it trivial to move the metadata associated with your data.

Fully hosted, cloud-native, and easy to use

Self-manage your migration through our simple cloud interface. No software installation, hardware to manage, or downloads required.

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We support your platform

We support the major cloud platforms, on-premises file servers, and NAS devices.

Cloud to cloud   On-premise to cloud   Cloud tenant to tenant 

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Technical features

Simulation & Discovery

Run a scan on your source platform to identify the data that will be migrated, how much content there is, and any challenges that Movebot will attempt to resolve. That way when the time comes to migrate, you know what to expect.

Execution Speed

Migrations can be time-critical. You get control to add more compute to each individual execution to improve performance when needed.

Error Handling

We get it. Not all cloud platforms are the same; some support everything, others have specific character limitations, and so on. Movebot will flag issues in the discovery scan and during the migration will automatically sanitize any file issues.

Comprehensive Reporting

Movebot keeps detailed logs of your data and you can access information about your files before, during, and after a migration to ensure all your data is moved properly.

Data Sovereignty Covered

To ensure your data is always safe and kept within borders, you can choose which region your migration is executed from with options for over 10 global regions.

File Server to Cloud

Movebot supports file server to cloud migrations using Movebot’s Windows File Server agent. You don’t even need to install it; the agent simply turns your file server into an accessible platform to migrate from.


Handling data migrations during a merger or acquisition

How can you make sure data migration goes smoothly during a merger or acquisition? We have some tips to help make your data migration a success.

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