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Learn more about cloud platforms, file migrations, data insights, and product announcements.

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Egnyte to Box Migrations

Egnyte to Box migrations are simple with Movebot, with several features that help transform and move your data to make sure everything arrives as expected.

Box to Egnyte Migrations

Box to Egnyte migrations are easy and straightforward with Movebot. Simply connect your platforms, choose what files to move, and start moving in minutes.

Migrating from SharePoint to Dropbox

Movebot makes migrating from SharePoint to Dropbox simple by handling the complex parts of the migration for you automatically.

Box to Dropbox Migrations

Box to Dropbox migrations are simple with Movebot, with a number of features and settings to help make sure all of your data moves over successfully.

Migrate Dropbox to Google Workspace

For a simple and straightforward way to migrate Dropbox to Google Workspace, check out Movebot's easy three-step PAC migration plan.

Which cloud storage platform is right for you?

How do you find which cloud storage platform is right for you? We compare SharePoint, Google Workspace, Dropbox, Egnyte, and Box to help you decide.

Amazon WorkDocs Migrations

Amazon WorkDocs support is ending in April 2025. Try Movebot for Amazon WorkDocs migrations and move your files before support ends and data is deleted.

How to move data to the cloud

MSP In-Telecom used Movebot for an on-prem to SharePoint migration with amazing results. Find out more about their Movebot experience here.

A Better Way to Move Emails - Move Emails Anywhere

Movebot can do mailbox migrations between email platforms and much more, including moving emails to cloud storage--and the ability to restore them later.

ShareFile Migration Tool

Whether you're moving data into or out of ShareFile, Movebot is a comprehensive ShareFile Migration Tool that makes sure all data moves as expected.

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