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Learn more about cloud platforms, file migrations, data insights, and product announcements.

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6 ways you'd be sad by not using Movebot

Find out how to avoid the sadness caused by obsolete data migration tools by using Movebot, the fastest and easiest way to migrate files and emails.

9 ways Movebot makes moving files easy

It shouldn't be hard to move files between your storage platforms. And it's not with Movebot. See 9 ways Movebot makes moving files easy.

7 Ways to Explore your data with Movebot Explorer

Movebot's Explorer is fresh out of the water, but what can it help you discover? Find out 7 ways how Movebot can help you find the treasures in your data.

Why you should move your file server to the cloud

Moving to the cloud offers several benefits that can make things simpler or more efficient such as greater access controls, collaboration, and lower costs.

The cost of free migration tools

Some migration tools have no fees--but that doesn't mean they're free. For complex migrations, free tools can cost more in time, labor, and functionality.

Handling data migrations during a merger or acquisition

How can you make sure data migration goes smoothly during a merger or acquisition? We have some tips to help make your data migration a success.

Moving Personal, Private, and Shared Drives with Movebot

There are many ways that cloud providers organize files, including personal, private, and shared drives. Fortunately, Movebot can move them all.

The 3 Stages of a Movebot Migration

How do you get ready to move your data? You have to PAC first! In Movebot, the three steps for a successful migration are Plan, Advance, and Cutover.

How much data does my business really have?

Data estimates in cloud data storage aren't always accurate. Sometimes it includes shared files a more. So how can you find out how much you actually have?

Movebot data migrations are fast—but how fast is fast?

Speed is important for data migrations. Movebot is fast--but what does that mean for you? We cover typical data transfer speeds and what can affect speed.

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